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Shave No More: 7 Solutions For Unwanted Hair



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So you want to remove hair from places that either can’t be shaved, shouldn’t be shaved, or you’re just averse to shaving? Fortunately, there are options – many options. Here are a few you can try out yourself.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is usually painless, though it’s not cheap. But, one major benefit is that it kills the hair root, which means the hair will not be growing back any time soon. The method is considered to be permanent, as it gets rid of the root and hair follicle. It also sterilizes the matrix portion of the hair shaft, preventing regrowth. It may not hit all hairs on the first try, but repeat sessions will eventually get everything. Clinics like the Rossi Center can typically have the whole procedure finished in an hour.


Electrolysis is similar to laser hair removal except that it works by electrocuting the hair, killing it. This is also considered permanent as it destroys the body’s ability to regrow hair in the treatment area.


Various creams and lotions have cropped up over the years, promising to rid you of hair. Most of them work by dissolving the hair. The changes are not permanent, but it does get rid of the hair and lasts longer than your typical shaving job.


Sugaring is when you coat the skin in a mixture of honey or sugar, lemon, and glycerin. Then, you apply a special patch to the area and pull the hair out. The sugar adheres to the hair, not the skin, but you’re essentially pulling the hair out by the root. It’s not permanent, and it hurts, but it gets the job done.


Waxing is one of the more harsh ways to remove unwanted hair, but it’s very effective and proven to work consistently. Special hair wax is applied to the area and a patch or cloth is placed over the wax. As the wax cools, it “grabs” the hair. It also adheres to the skin, which can rip off the top layer of skin and cause reddening or irritation. But, it also pulls the hair out by the root. It’s not permanent, as hair will grow back, but it doesn’t need to be done very often. It is also low budget and something that can be easily accomplished at home, for the brave.


Threading is the ancient practice of using a piece of thread to twist and roll hair off the body. It’s a practice developed in the Middle East and in India. It’s less painful than waxing and it’s extremely effective. It’s also more precise than waxing and other methods and can be used to remove one hair or several. It can be done on shorter hairs too, finer hairs, and once the target hair or hairs are removed, regrowth of the hair is finer, which some people like.


Using abrasives is probably the least liked or pleasurable way to remove hair. Abrasives, like pumice, have been used since early times by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Dull stones as well as sharper volcanic glass are inexpensive and effective. While the process is said to be painless, some people do experience chaffing and abrasion marks.

John Del Rossi is a dedicated anti-aging and HIV specialist out of Philadelphia. He enjoys helping others both in his clinic and by sharing his insights online. You can find his illuminating and interesting posts on a variety of blogs and websites.

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