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Show Me the Money: NFL $3.2 Billion



As we enter the 2011 NFL season, we all wipe the sweat off our foreheads and thank the man upstairs for ending the NFL lockout. Even though I am as stoked as I was when T.O. performed a dance in the middle of the Dallas star, I still wonder what life would be like without the NFL season. If the NFL season were to go on hold for a year, what in the world would happen to the $3.25 billion salary cap that the NFL has?

With 32 teams in the NFL, and each team fielding a 53-man roster, that would be 1,696 players who were unemployed. But what could that $3.25 billion buy? Let’s take a look at the Top-10 coolest things we could buy with $3.25 billion… Just because we could!

#10 The McDonalds McDouble 

The fact that we could walk into any McDonalds and legitimately order 3.2 billion McDoubles, actually gets us excited! Maybe some would feel bad for the employees, but your selling point would be, “Want to be a part of a Guinness World Record?”

#9 Playing St. Andrews Golf Course

Playing the Turnberry Aisla golf course at St.Andrews would probably be the most epic golfing of your life. With the cost of $345 per 18-hole round, we figure that you could get really selfish and play the course 9.4 million times. If you do set this goal, you might want to think about playing 54 holes per day.

#8 The iPad 2

With $3.25 billion you could quit admiring how awesome Steve Jobs and Apple are, and go hangout with the whole crew at the new ‘Spaceship’ headquarters in California (in 2015). While you are there, feel free to purchase 6.5 million iPads (16 GB) at $499 each. And feel free to send us one!

#7 1,000 Fiji Islands

At $2.8 million per 50 acre island in Fiji, we would probably purchase a whole plethora of these islands just because we could. You may not be able to afford to build a house on any of the islands, but then again… Who needs a house when you’ve got Wilson . Plus there is a good chance P. Diddy would bring his yacht to party with Cristal and hot women!

#6 Ahh Beer (Beer Brewing Kits)

Even though the NFL season would be in a lockout, there is always time for a nice cold beer. And for a measly $250 per brewing kit, we would brew a lake of beer. We figure with 13 million beer kits, we would be the coolest neighbors on the block! Plus, no more beer-runs during Shark Week!

#5 The Palms High Hefner Sky Villa

There is one thing that we can all agree on, and that is if we were rich we would party Hugh Hefner style. This exclusive hotel room at The Palms is the mecca of all hotel rooms and at only $40,000 per night, you could afford to live there for over 200 years. So unless you are planning on living for another 200 years, feel free to walk over and spend some good money at the Eden Gentleman’s Club in your spare time.

#4 2010 Ferrari F430 Spider

What would a list be without a Ferrari? In fact, we have decided that not only would we buy 14,000 Ferraris, we would film numerous rap videos with our posse called, “FerrAreWe”. At a base price of $217,000 per whip, we figure we would make enough revenue from the rap videos to buy Ben Roethlisberger some women.

#3 Toms Shoes

If you have never put on a pair of Toms shoes, then you are totally missing out. Even if Toms aren’t your style, there is a soft spot in everyone and therefore we would buy 58.7 million pairs of Toms. The average shoe cost is $60 and for every pair purchased, the company sends a pair of shoes to a child in need. So have a heart and go buy a pair for your lady at the very least, plus Tom seems like a pretty cool dude.

#2 A dream come true

Of course we had to throw in the ‘If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for more wishes’. At number 2 on our list we would make our dream come true and purchase an NFL team. It is estimated that the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys are the most expensive teams at around $1 billion to purchase, even though they aren’t up for sale. But we figure with $3.2 billion, any owner would give us the reigns.

#1 A new couch and TV

Let’s be honest, all we really want is a bigger couch and a bigger flat-screen TV to watch ESPN. So for under $10,000, we would purchase the biggest possible TV plus this enormous couch. And while the NFL season would in a lockout, we still have the college football season which is better anyway! So sit back, relax, and bask in your own richness, knowing that the majority of us will never get anything on this list!

Daniel Mercer is a film and sports enthusiast.