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Some Of The Most Unique Cruise Line Features



Cruise Boat

A cruise is a cruise, you might think; but in reality it’s amazing how many different sorts of cruise ships are available, and what different features they have that make them unique and set them apart from the rest. What you get for your money can vary greatly so it’s important to have a good look around before you book, so you know you are getting exactly what you want. Here are some of the most unique cruise lines.

Park View
One might think that while you are on a boat you might not expect to see trees, besides the precursory palm tree dotted around the ship. But on some cruise lines, they incorporate a Central Park style forest garden in the center of the deck and have the cabins on either side. If you think you’d enjoy a walk through a park while you are aboard the cruise, then you might want to research which ones have this and go with one of them.

The Hot Tub
While the cheaper cabins will not even have a deck, as you go up in price, you will get more and more luxurious digs to while away the days as you cruise across the sea. Some of these luxurious cabins, such as the penthouse ones, may have the addition of a hot tub so that you can spend hours enjoying a bit of a personal spa setting at your leisure.

Carnival Rides
A few of the cruise lines are focused towards people that like to have a crazy, fun time. These cruise ships cater with rides and a theme park style cruise experience. The Norwegians appear to be leading the way with ships that include rides, water slides and other interesting carnival activities. If you aren’t personally into the theme park cruise idea but have kids, then you might try one of these cruises for maximum enjoyment for your children, so you can relax while they have a good time.

Rock Climbing Walls
Another really interesting innovation in the standard cruise ship model is the inclusion of rock climbing walls on boats. For those extreme sports types who feel the need to push their body that little bit harder, the rock climbing walls might be the best option. These cruise lines incorporate all the regular facilities of a cruise ship with the addition of the rock climbing wall for people who can’t live without a bit of climbing excitement.

Balcony Space
The amount of balcony space you have available to you with your cabin, if any, varies greatly. Some ships are built to have minimal balcony space whereas others have a huge amount of personal balcony space so that you can make the most of those lovely sea breezes. Balcony spaces can vary greatly with different styles to suit the ship that you are cruising on. A great website to check out some different cruise ships that are available is Cruiseabout.

Guest post by Natalie Brown