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Sponsored Video: Federer Challenges Vonn To Tennis Match In #ChocolateHeaven



Last week, we posted a video that showed tennis star Roger Federer challenging ski legend Lindsey Vonn to a competition in #ChocolateHeaven. Now they’ve released a second video that reveals what the challenge entailed, and you won’t believe what it is, or better yet where it is.

The two met on top of the Jungfraujoch (which is called ‘The Top of Europe’) on the Aletsch glacier, against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps, for a game of high altitude tennis. Why there, you might ask? To celebrate the opening of Lindt’s newest (and highest, at 3,454m) shop. We can’t think of a more spectacular place to shop for some authentic Swiss chocolates!

Lindt - Glacier Tennis Match

The dynamic duo took to a custom-built tennis court in the middle of snow and ice for a fun exhibition match, and everything went off without a hitch, despite the fact that a meter of snow fell a week earlier. I can’t even imagine what kind of planning and efforts went into building a freaking tennis court on a glacier, but kudos to them for pulling off the seemingly impossible!

So which of these two legendary athletes do you think won the match? Most would think that Federer had the advantage, given that he’s a seven-time Wimbledon winner and all. But Vonn is certainly more at home in these types of conditions. You’ll have watch the video above to see who came out victorious.

Roger Federer vs. Lindsay Vonn

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