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Jack's Munchie Meals

San Diego-based burger chain Jack In The Box has brought back their Jack’s Munchie Meal, a massive combo meal that’s served from 9pm-5am, costs only $6, and clocks in at over 1500 calories. If you’re hungry after a late night of partying, head over to Jack In The Box and indulge in one of these four massive meals.

The four “Munchie Meals” are one hell of a bargain, considering that for just $6, you get a main entrée (your choice of a Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger, Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich, Loaded Chicken Nuggets, or Brunch Burger), along with two tacos, “halfsies” (half regular fries, half curly fries) and a 20oz. soda!

The Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger has sourdough grilled cheese on top, cheeseburger on bottom, and the combination sounds pretty epic. Tuck into this tasty bunk bed. The Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich is a chicken sandwich that’s exploding with mozzarella cheese sticks and gooey white cheese sauce. Oh my cheesy goodness.

The Loaded Nuggets are chicken nuggets drowning in two kinds of cheese with ranch and bacon. And the Brunch Burger features a bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg, crispy hash brown, all served on a croissant-style bun.

The hardest part will be trying to decide which of these decadent meals to order for yourself, as they all look freaking awesome. So remember folks, the next time you’re out and about and you’ve got some late night cravings, head over to Jack In The Box and order up one of Jack’s Munchie Meals!

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  1. Phil

    October 7, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    My heart exploded just reading this!

  2. Billy

    October 8, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Yeah, this is a heart attack waiting to happen, not to mention a sure-fire way to get diarrhea. 🙁

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