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Sponsored Video: Pennzoil Is Breaking Barriers



Breaking Barriers

Some of today’s supercars can exceed the 200mph barrier, a notion that Henry Ford couldn’t possible have imagined when he first launched the Model T over a decade ago. Back then, the “car for the masses” with a 20hp engine was considered high tech. But today we’ve got supercars like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that put out 730hp and have a top speed of over 210mph!

So how exactly did we get here? Mankind has been pursuing speed since cars first hit the streets, and things have continued to evolve from there.

Pennzoil has been a critical leader in reshaping the automotive industry, and now they’re rededicating their energy to the pursuit of speed as well as testing and breaking the limits of technology. The brand has teamed up with a number of renown figures in the auto industry (including Alex Xydias and John Hennessey) as well as country music superstar Tim McGraw to showcase their impact in breaking the unofficial record for speed in a six video series called Breaking Barriers.

Each video is comprised of empowering testimonials from the original ‘hot rodders,’as well as commentary by Tim McGraw in regards to how cars have impacted both his life and his music career.

Any speed chaser will get the chills after watching this series of videos as Pennzoil demonstrates how it has truly impacted speed innovation. Passion, power and determination all come into play throughout ‘Breaking Barriers’ as the original hot rodders and speed innovators recount their stories.

The series showcases how this team of experts was able to set a new, unofficial record of 270 mph utilizing the fastest street legal car in the market, the Venom GT, as well as Pennzoil products. Without a doubt, this remarkable achievement will go down in American history, a message that’s conveyed throughout the series.

Tim McGraw perhaps says it best as he accurately pinpoints that ‘Cars, music and Pennzoil…they’re all part of the American life.’ Breaking Barriers will inspire and appeal to every speed chaser on the road, making it the perfect addition to any blogspot that shares this sense of passion and innovation.

Pennzoil - Breaking Barriers

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