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Sponsored Video: Touchless Photo Sharing With GoCam feat aBubbl



Touchless gesture-based interaction with your iPhone or iPad? It sounds like something you’d see in some futuristic sci-fi movie. But Swedish company Crunchfish AB has made this a reality with an ingenious app for iOS called GoCam feat. aBubbl. Watch the video above to see exactly how the app works.

GoCam feat. aBubbl is the next generation of GoCam, the first touchless camera / video app on the market. The new aBubbl feature now makes it possible to share photos to everyone around you, simultaneously with a simple gesture. Because let’s face it, we all use our smartphones to share photos and selfies. Being able to then share them with everyone around you with just one gesture and without any passwords or pairing is a total game changer, and it’s a lot of fun to boot!

You might not see the immediate benefits of GoCam feat. aBubbl, but trust me, you’ll appreciate it the next time you’re trying to take a photo outside with your gloves on. Or when you need to send that photo you just took to everyone else in the room. With a simple gesture, it’s magically sent to everyone nearby using the app, no more sending multiple texts or e-mails. Phew! You can also edit your photos with Aviary’s stickers, tools and filters, making for some really fun Instagram photos.

Honestly, GoCam is one of the coolest things I’ve played with in a long time, and I have a feeling before long we’re going to see people wildly gesturing in the air as they take and share photos with friends and family. If anyone’s poised to make this happen, it’s Crunchfish, as they’ve been making touchless interaction software since 2010.

Encourage your friends to download GoCam feat. aBubbl, and start sharing your fun times together!

This post is sponsored by Crunchfish

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