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Subaru of Cherry Hill: 3rd Annual Tuner Event



Last Thursday night, Subaru of Cherry Hill held their 3rd Annual Tuner Event. Despite being 100 degrees on Thursday, I decided to check it out. But I wasn’t about to get heat stroke, so I took the WRX to a car wash to get cleaned up. 🙂

Prizes, hot dogs, refreshments, a live DJ, and lots of tricked out WRXs – How could I resist?

Like I’ve said before, this dealership rocks! Most guys will try to deny your warranty claim if you’ve modded your car. But these guys understand that WRXs are going to be modded, and they have embraced the culture. Heck, I had a lengthy discussion with one of the service guys about safely tuning the engine on my ’11!

Kudos to SOCH for putting together a great event, and I can’t wait for the next one!

If you want to see even more pictures from the night, check out this high-resolution gallery.

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