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Super Bowl 2015: Who’s in the Running?



Following the 2014 Super Bowl, where the Seattle Seahawks won over the Denver Broncos, many die-hard football fans wondered about the contenders for the upcoming 2015 Super Bowl. Thus far, it has been an ugly season. Not that the games have been less than entertaining, unless you are a Raiders fan. The 2015 season has seen many trials and tribulations for fans of every team. From firing, spousal abuse, player trades, and signings, there were several surprises that shocked NFL fans. So who is in the running? Let’s speculate.

Will the Seahawks Do It Again?

So far, the Seahawks are holding the second seat in the NFC West. With a 6 win / 3 loss record, they sit behind the Arizona Cardinals, who lead the NFC West with an 8/1 record. So at the end of week nine, the Seahawks could make it to the 2015 Super Bowl, but there is a lot of talent standing in their way. They will need to overcome the successful season of the Cardinals. That means raising their PCT above the current .667 rating. For this to work, the Cardinals will need to drop their game.

Who Are Contenders in the NFC East?

The NFC East is a battle between the Eagles and the Cowboys. One loss is what separates the leaders from second place. This is a heated battle between the Cowboys and the Eagles. There is not much, if any, hope for the New York Giants or the Washington Redskins. Both are sitting with 3/6 scorecards. Could an upset be in the works? Not likely if their losing streaks continue.

The NFC North Mirrors the NFC West

In the NFC North, one game separates the front-running Detroit Lions from the second seat Green Bay Packers. The Lions sit atop the NFC North leader board with a scorecard of 7/2. The Packers follow with their 6/3 scorecard. If the Packers win and the Lions lose, the scorecard evens out at 7/3 for both teams. Let the battle begin.

Not Much Smoke in the NFC South

It is a mediocre season in the NFC South. The leader, the New Orleans Saints lead the southern division with 4/5 season. This sets the stage for a playoff upset. The Saints have a PCT of .444, whereas the both the Lions and the Eagles have a PCT of .778, and the Cardinals are hot with a PCT of .889. Football Picks predicts the South in the NFC and AFC are trouble. It’s an easy win or a total upset either way you look at it.

AFC Grudge Match

All four teams in the AFC North look evenly matched. The Browns sit at the top of the heap with a 6/3 record. The Bengals trail by just a single tie. Their 5/3/1 record could easily advance them to the playoffs. The same is true of the Steelers and the Ravens who each sport a 6/4 season.

The AFC East Is a Showdown

Middle seats Miami and Buffalo are fighting hard for the second seat. There are enough games left that any team, but the Jets could take the top seat. The Patriots are sitting on top with a 7/2 season, but fate has a sense of humor. This is one of the more exciting divisions. If the Patriots hold on, lookout Superbowl 2015.

The AFC West Showdown

Last year’s runner-up, the Denver Broncos, are holding the top seat with a 7/2 season. They lead the Chiefs with a 6/3 season. The Chargers hold a 5/4 season and could upset even the Broncos. The Raiders are not raiding much of anything with their 0/9 season.

The AFC South Meltdown

It is not looking good in the south. The Colts season tops the list with 6/3 and a .667 PCT. Like the NFC South, this is looking like an easy pass for whoever plays the AFC South to advance. Upset is in the air.

There are plenty of games left to make this anyone’s season with the exception of the Raiders, Jets, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Bears, Redskins, and Rams. Their win/loss ratio is too low even for an upset. Likely it will be the Cardinals vs. either the Patriots or the Broncos for Super Bowl 2015. Although anything can happen. Ask any Seahawks fan for proof!

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