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The Art Of The Cufflink



Man wearing cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the most subtly distinctive accessories in a man’s wardrobe. However, this year they are hotter than they have been in decades. Why are they experiencing renewed popularity and what are some attractive styles? When and where can cuff links be worn and what statement will they make about you?

Why are they popular?

Men have been wearing cufflinks to hold the cuffs of their sleeves together since the 1600s. However, the cufflink did not become popular until the end of the 1700s when men’s dress shirts became fashionable. In recent years, men’s attire is receiving renewed attention. Movies and TV shows are featuring male clothing that is a cut above. Whilst casual dress and relaxed fit have not taken the backseat, formal and business wear have gained increasing amounts of attention on the runway and off. Additionally, with this added interest, accessories have come to the forefront. For example, the cufflink brings an otherwise traditional look up several notches. Men are wearing cufflinks to work and social settings, with styles designed to suit each specific occasion.

What are popular styles?

Executive designs include heirlooms pieces and custom pieces handcrafted from precious metals and gems. Many of these are made from black stone and metal, like these gorgeous cufflinks featured below from yd. Upper management level links often have a subtle design on one side with the flip-tail at the other, in order to secure the shirt cuff. Business styles also include cufflinks with a little more punch, particularly for managers and marketers who want to appear more approachable and relaxed. Laid-back motifs include interesting images, as well as ‘silk knot’ links made from multiple color fibers. Such options can be considerably more casual.

Rec Stripe Cufflink

When are cufflinks worn?

While cufflinks are normally worn at work, they’re typically not worn on a daily basis unless you happen to be an executive or senior director. Cuff links are most appropriate when meeting with significant clients during power meetings and when conducting important business meetings outside the office. Apart from typical work settings, cufflinks are worn to many social events. Weddings, concerts, celebrations, receptions, and most formal get-togethers are ideal settings for wearing cufflinks. Not only do they add a touch of elegance, they make a statement about you and your taste for some of the finer things in life. Although some cufflinks may be over the top, when they are chosen to suit the occasion, are well designed and attractive, and compliment your overall look (without overpowering it) they can set you apart as having a distinctive sense for fashion.

What they say about you:

The cufflinks that you choose, and where you chose to wear them, will make a statement about you. They can add drama or simple elegance to your look, setting you apart in an understated yet significant way. When you choose just the right pair to compliment your outfit, you will be able to take your appearance from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Guest post provided by Andrew Turner

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