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The Hippest Cities In America



Even if you’re not a hipster, you might want to pick up the stakes and move to one of the hippest cities in America. While cities like NYC, LA, and Atlanta are well-known for cool qualities, some spots may surprise you. It’s not all about glamour, lights, and bustling metropolises.

Houston’s Having a Hip Revolution


Image via Flickr by telwink

Houston is a surprising choice among America’s hippest cities, but it’s steadily climbing the ranks. Where once it seemed a bastion of traditional values, it’s now an artsy, cultural haven. Downtown’s thriving Theater District allows natives and visitors to take in the opera, the ballet, and theatrical productions. The Museum District is likewise widespread, home to fine arts, sculpture, and the moving Holocaust Museum of Houston. More and more movies feature Houston as a backdrop and the music scene is hot, inspiring its own version of rap and R&B.

Count the Cool Points in Seattle


Image via Flickr by Michael Noirot

Between its music scene, which routinely gives birth to new trends such as grunge and its offsets, and its coffee shops, Seattle is the height of cool. Of course, Starbucks is no longer a local place, but the city still has the power to inspire entire generations. People flock there to pay homage to grunge staples like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but they stay to explore the iconic bars of Capitol Hill, to explore the Pike Place Market, and to gorge themselves at Jack’s Fish Pot.

Dive into Denver’s Diverse Scene


Image via Flickr by cody

Looking for Colorado new homes? Search in Denver, which is ideal for the hip nature lover. The trendsetter city inspires residents to get out and get active. With places such as the Urbanistic Tea and Bike shop, they can shop for sporting goods and act cool all at the same time. The city is also well-known for its many microbreweries, leading hip young thirtysomethings to sample new brews on Saturday. Diversity is key in Denver, however, allowing you to take in the Mile High Music Festival, attend the Red Rocks Concert Series, or visit a trendy speakeasy.

Become a Hippie Hipster in San Francisco


Image via Flickr by Billy Gast

San Francisco has long been a hippie haven, but it’s also marvelously hip. There’s the Mission District, the Tenderloin, and SOMA, or South of Market. The cable cars, Chinatown, the welcome and diverse vibe, the parades—there’s something hip for artists, nerds, and even corporate types. The food is fresh and largely organic, and the music festivals routinely take place outdoors, allowing attendees to take advantage of the weather and the stunning views.

East Coast Hip in Portland


Image via Flickr by billandkent

Portland, OR, is pretty cool, but Portland, ME, is even better. If you think Maine’s all about taciturn Yankees and Stephen King novels, think again. Visit Congress Street, dine at the charming but all-too-hip Fore Street eatery, and get your coffee by design—at Coffee by Design, of course. Even during the off-season when the beaches are empty, Portland is a paragon of coffee, cool conversation, and microbreweries such as Gritty’s and Allagash.

Sometimes hip is just a state of mind, but keep an eye out for youthful attitudes and laid back vibes when you’re looking. What’s the hippest city you’ve ever visited?

Joseph Stark Jr. is a freelance writer and blogger by day, focusing on technology and travel. By night he is a tech junkie, gym member, and avid comic book enthusiast. He currently lives Santiago, Chile with his cat Carlos.