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The Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht Is Basically A Floating Resort



Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht

While most people board a ship to take them to an island paradise, Yacht Island Designs designed an insane superyacht called the Tropical Island Superyacht that’s essentially a floating island, complete with all of the features of a tropical island getaway.

If their name sounds familiar, that’s because they’re the same design firm who came up with the $400 million Streets of Monaco superyacht, which was designed to be a floating version of the billionaires playground that it’s named after, complete with a fully functional go-kart circuit based on the Monaco Grand Prix race track.

Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht

This time, the concept was to create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the superyacht, so that the owner and his guests won’t have to make landfall and mingle with those pesky “peasants”. There’s a swimming pool, guest cabanas and a bar with outdoor dining.

There’s even a “volcano” located at the highest point of the superyacht. But instead of lava, a waterfall flows from it, feeding right into the swimming pool. That’s so freaking baller! And just below the volcano are two owners suits that look out across the ship, each with it’s own private spa.

Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht

Naturally, the Tropical Island Paradise features a helicopter pad so you fly in other rich and famous guests on a whim. There’s also a deployable beach deck if you decide you want to relax on the actual sea, rather than on your artificial island.

And when you’re tired of the sun, you can make your way inside the ship, where there’s plenty of stuff to keep yourself occupied, including a movie theater, library, game room, gym, lounges, and a fully equipped spa.

Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht

The million dollar question (or should I say, the $550 million question) is whether the Tropical Island Paradise will ever see the light of day, or if it’s just another pie-in-the-sky concept that’s deemed too crazy for real life.

Personally, if I was a billionaire with money to spare, I’d scoop up this sucker in no time flat, and invite a bevy of gorgeous bikini-clad babes for an epic island getaway.. at sea.

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