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Sponsored: It’s Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog In This Funny Genesis Ad



Dogs in car ads are always sure to get some “Awwwws”.. But luxury car brand Genesis is putting a new spin on things with their latest advertisement, the aptly titled “Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog”, which pits the driver of a gorgeous Genesis G90 against a seemingly-cute but secretly fierce little beast of a dog.

The video opens with a chauffeur in a Genesis G90 picking up a gorgeous Los Angeles starlet (played by Elle Evans), who is traveling to a Hollywood premiere with her favorite accessory, her precious little dog. But while the “It Girl” is busy gossiping on her phone, the dog shows her dark side, digging at the Nappa leather seats, and later trying to relieve himself on those same seats, all while shooting the driver an evil stare.

But the driver isn’t having any of that, maneuvering his luxury sedan back and forth to prevent the little pooch from making a mess of his back seat as they make their way from the Pacific Coast Highway to Hollywood. And (spoiler alert) it works, with the driver getting the client to her premiere on-time and without any damage to his beloved car.

Think that’s it? Nope, there’s a hilarious ending to this video that is sure to make you laugh out loud, so make sure you watch it till the very end!

Dogs are a man’s best friend? Sure, unless they’re trying to piss all over the inside of your luxury car!

This post has been sponsored by Genesis, but all thoughts are our own.

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