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Throwing The Perfect Super Bowl Party



Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl. It’s an American ritual, of sorts; an event that brings the entire nation together to celebrate all that is good in the land of the free: football, food and fun. Therefore, throwing the perfect Super Bowl party is no menial feat. Hosts of would-be legendary gatherings need to look no further than Crawford Ker, owner of Ker’s WingHouse restaurants, for the best advice on throwing the best bash.

From his days as an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, Ker knows a thing or two about football. Now add his experience from his post-NFL career as a successful restaurant owner with 23 WingHouse locations, and there’s no way anyone could turn down an invite to his Super Bowl party. But since we can’t all be so lucky as to receive one, he shared some of his tips for making your party just as amazing.

1. Party people have to eat. In a land where football is king, no feast to celebrate the ultimate football victory could be complete without chicken wings. Spicy or mild, naked or drenched, it doesn’t much matter how you like them as long as you have them.

2. Chicken isn’t the only option. As shocking and rebellious as it may seem, there are those who don’t like chicken wings. Fortunately, there are some other Super Bowl party staples that you can include on the menu to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Throw in a little variety with a hearty bowl of chili. It’s also a nice idea to add some non-meat options as well, such as chips and a mixture of dips, veggies and of course something cold and frothy to wash it all down.

3. Party food is an acquired taste. Kids may say the darndest things, but they sure don’t eat the darndest things. To avoid a massive hunger meltdown, include kid-friendly snack options. Ker recommends sliders, the perfect bite-sized snack for bite-sized kids who are picky about spicy foods. These little sandwiches can be as simple as a patty, cheese and bun with optional condiments like ketchup or pickles available on the side.

4. Down in front! Location of the food is just as critical as its taste. Nobody wants to miss the game-changing interception because another guest was reaching across the view to refill a beverage. Ker uses his experience with WingHouse to manage an entertaining atmosphere for this tip: arrange the food in a buffet-style table out of the way, but still close enough to the TV so people can catch the action. Leave room on all sides of the table so that lines don’t back up while someone is debating which sauce is better, or which team is going to make it.

5. Sports fans don’t always bleed red. For the most dedicated of fans, team colors are as sacred as a coat of arms. Therefore, wise party hosts should keep décor colors balanced if fans from both teams will be at the same party. There’s no party buzzkill as disappointing as an argument based off of napkin colors, so have an equal representation for both teams. If everyone is rooting for the same team, then no inch of the party atmosphere should escape splashes of the team’s colors, mascot or any other insignia.

6. One for the money, two for the show. Let’s face it, as amazing as the Super Bowl game is to most people, some people don’t want to watch it. They may come for the ads, or for the atmosphere. Don’t let them get sucked into their smartphones and ignore the great party you planned! Last year social media kept people entertained when Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans lost power and the game was put on hold. Create your own social media contest and vote on the best tweet in response to an ad or any other aspect of the game, or have a pool to see what brand your guests think will have the best, worst, funniest ads.

Crawford Francis Ker is the founder and president of Ker’s WingHouse. Ker is a former American college and professional football player who was a guard in the NFL for six seasons during the 1980s and early 1990s. Ker played college football for the University of Florida, and thereafter, he played professionally for the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos of the NFL.

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