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Tips On Balancing Video Games and Relationships



We all have our hobbies and our passions. And it really doesn’t matter what that passion or hobby is, it’s easy to take it to the extreme. Sometimes these activities can even harm our relationships and cause more harm than good. 

One of the fastest growing hobbies and activities for down time is video games. Nearly every guy I know plays video games, it doesn’t matter if they are single, married or divorced, almost everybody likes to play. But it’s easy to get carried away, and no matter how much fun playing Madden 13 online is, it’s never more important than your relationship (even if you don’t always want to admit it). 

Who could forget a few years ago when Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya missed part of the championship series because of a Guitar Hero injury?

That was a professional baseball player risking his career in order to play a video game, just imagine how many regular guys do the same thing with their relationships. It seems like an easy question with an obvious answer – Girls or video games?

But guys screw it up all the time, I know because I talk to them at work and on the jobsite all the time. I’m not a relationship expert, just a guy that makes a living using his hands, so take my advice with a grain of salt if you want.  All I know is that I like playing video games, have all the systems hooked up to the flat screen and my wife and I never fight about me spending too much time playing them. There are a couple of rules that I follow.

  1. Never play video games when my better half needs you to get something done. If you play when you should be getting work done, it is an automatic source of contention and the games are blamed.
  2. Trade television time or any other time killer that you enjoy for more video game time. The way I look at it is I can watch a movie or some Netflix or I can pop Madden in and play a game.  It’s an even trade for time that you already had set aside.
  3. When she’s ready to go upstairs, SHUT IT DOWN and go!
  4. Set a time limit.  Don’t play for hours on end not knowing when you will be finished. Set up a time limit, maybe trade that time for something she likes to do. Play when she’s off getting her hair done or shopping with her friends.
  5. Try to get her involved.  Pick some games out together and give them a try. She might be a gamer and not know it.

In the end, the best advice for anything like this is to do it in moderation, and if you are serious about keeping the relationship heading in the right direction remember-they are only video games. She is a girl willing to touch you – Make the right call!

Jay Preston is Author and Brand Manager for ToolHQ, leading online source for power tools.