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Tips To Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life



iPhone Battery Charging

While there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the release of the new Apple iPhone 6 (#Bendgate, iOS 8.0.1 issues), we haven’t had any of those issues. In fact, outside of the fact that the new iPhone has super smooth edges (making it easy for you to drop, so a grippy case is an absolute MUST), we can’t think of any reasons why you shouldn’t run out and purchase one.

If you do pick up the new iPhone 6, it’s imperative that you go through the phone’s settings and disable any features you don’t plan on using, as many of these features are MASSIVE battery hogs. If you’re not careful, you’ll see that dreaded red battery symbol before you know it!

The following infographic highlights some things you can do to extend the battery life of your smartphone and ensure that you have power when you need it:

Improve The Battery Life of Your Smartphone | Mybullfrog Infographic
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