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Watch As Spiderman Comes Face To Face With His Inner Youth!



Evian just won over the Internet with their latest "Live Young" viral video, The Amazing Baby & Me 2. With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ set to hit theatres next month, Evian aligned their campaign with the film's release and made the legendary comic book hero the star of their own short film.

In 'The Amazing Baby & Me 2' video, Spiderman comes face to face with his inner youth as he passes his reflection in a mirrored window. Watch this sticky-fingered miniature hero as he displays his physical prowess and bounces around in a knitted baby-version of the iconic super-hero suit. At an age where crawling is an achievement for most, Spiderman meets his match, as this baby can outperform his adult equivalent.

We thought it would be hard for Evian to top their previous viral hits 'Roller Babies', 'Baby Inside', and 'Baby & Me', which each racked up tens of millions of views on YouTube. But they absolutely knocked it out of the park with The Amazing Baby & Me 2, thanks in large part to the adorable Baby Spidey and his sick dance moves. The video just debuted yesterday, and it has already gotten half a million views!

The 'Live Young' campaign has continuously presented the inner youth of Evian drinkers, and this latest video goes to show that even the most courageous of characters has a child inside them waiting to be unleashed. Especially when Ini Kamoze's  "Here Comes The Hotstepper" comes on the radio. 🙂

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