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What Food Makes Us Happy?




After a tasty meal, even if we eat just a bar of chocolate, we usually feel happy. But is it a matter of satiety? Can it be associated with the products we eat? Psychologists are ready to provide reasoning of the fact, which may probably become your recipe for happiness.

What Generates Happiness?

There are many different things that make us happy. For different people, there is a different set of happiness generators. Someone needs to hear a compliment to have one’s mood up; others feel happy only when they are receiving presents. However, all of us, with no exceptions, are happy when we feel to be liked by someone. If that’s what works best for you, then we recommend switching to the hookup internet research right now. On HookupGeek, you will find a lot of interesting content and have a real chance to meet your person. Give it a try and see where it all leads to.

Food as a Happiness Generator

There is so much information about healthy eating that it simply wonders why most of us still do not eat what the experts advise. So why do people eat products that are obviously harmful to their body and health? Maybe because they are better for the soul? This problem was addressed by researchers at the University of Nutrition Psychology in Gottingen.

Is the Secret of Happiness in Serotonin?

From time to time, we all try to “jam” our problems, cheer up, for example, with sweets or chocolate; soothe ourselves with a cake. Does it really help us, or is it pure self-hypnosis? Interestingly, some products really affect us at the physiological level, according to Thomas Ellrott, an expert from Göttingen. It is serotonin, the so-called “hormone of happiness,” that has an effect on our emotional state. And if we eat certain products (chocolate, cheese, etc.) containing a big amount of an important amino acid called tryptophan, serotonin is synthesized in the body. As a result, we feel happy after the meal.

So what are the products that have such a magical effect on our body? Just one piece of banana or tomato is enough to bring your mood up. The only thing is here that the two-act only in combination with protein products (for example, meat or milk) or products containing B vitamins (for example, nuts, whole grains, vegetables).


Taste/Memory from Our Childhood

French fries or a simple omelet can sometimes make us feel absolute satisfaction and even happiness, whereas a gourmet dinner made from rare delicacies leaves you indifferent. The point is that our emotions are associated with a particular taste or memory. Psychologists provide a similar example: a noble wine drunk on the go from a plastic cup can bring you emotional memories, but the same drink drunk in a chic restaurant doesn’t have the same effect. According to Thomas Elrott, the “happiness formula” of a particular dish looks like delicious food plus a pleasant atmosphere and positive associations.

Stomach and Brain

German scientists rely on numerous studies of their colleagues from different countries and state that our intestines are in constant contact with the brain. And the products we eat and drink often cause particular emotions in us. Thus, by controlling your diet, you can ensure your emotional and physical well-being. Explore yourself to know what works best for you.

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