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What March Madness Team’s College Town Fits Your Personality?



NCAA March Madness

March Madness has kicked off, and while we were pretending to work, we got to thinking: What are these college towns like, anyway? What draws thousands of co-eds there every fall? So we went ahead and matched our favorite March Madness team’s towns to different personalities. What do you think?

Culture Lover – Texas (Austin)

Rich with music, food, nightlife and history, Austin students learn by day and get funky by night. Founded in 1883, University of Texas at Austin has almost 40,000 students enrolled, making it one of the largest schools in the nation. The town is home to SXSW, one of America’s largest music, film and tech conferences. The city bleeds culture. Foodies… the barbeque. History buffs… Congress Street. Music lovers… you, my friends have everything you could ever want in a college town.

Unfortunately, the 11th-seeded Longhorns were taken down in the first round with a late surge by Butler in a 56-48 loss. They’re out.

Lady’s Man – UCLA (Los Angeles)

Let’s face it, every college has hot chicks. And they are everywhere. But if you really, really love the ladies, you should definitely live in Los Angeles. Girls who go to UCLA are not only smokin’ hot, but they are smart — it’s not an easy college to get into. UCLA is a research university founded in 1919 that hosts about 43,000 students on its urban campus.

With beaches, Malibu, Hollywood, downtown LA (and everything that comes with it) and Santa Monica close by, it truly is the City of (Victoria’s) Angels.

No. 11 UCLA narrowly beat out no. 6 SMU in a nail biter. Tune in at 12:10 p.m. Saturday (March 21) for round 2 against UAB, who pulled off a huge upset against Iowa State in round 1.

Hippie – Oregon

A close-knit liberal community, Eugene, Oregon, is known for its hippie culture, breweries, flora, great food, green efforts, unique architecture and its DIE HARD Ducks fans. This town would definitely be a bohemian, a free spirit who eats organic fare from his own garden and maybe takes a bong hit or two. He drinks only small batch craft beer from Oregon. But if he’s not a fan of the Oregon Ducks, he will not survive.

No. 8 Oregon takes on no. 9 OSU tonight at 6:50 (March 20).

Beach Bum – SDSU

San Diego State University hosts a diverse student dynamic mixing ethnic, racial and social backgrounds. Let’s be real, they all come for the beach. That’s right. That and girls in bikinis. Founded in 1897, SDSU has over 35,000 students.

Famous for its mild climate year-round and 70 miles of coastline, this city offers many beaches to chill on. From Mission to La Jolla to Coronado Island, if you like fun in the sun and playing on watercraft, San Diego is definitely your speed.

No. 8 SDSU takes on no. 9 SJU tonight at 9:40 (March 20).

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Photo credit: Chad Cooper (cc)