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With BigDay Reminder, You’ll Never Forget Birthdays Or Anniversaries Again



BigDay Reminder

We’ve all been guilty of it at least once in our lives. You’re talking to a close friend or family member, and all of a sudden a terrible feeling begins to creep into the back of your mind. Then it hits you. You forgot about a birthday, anniversary, or other important event! You didn’t even remember to send a lame text message, let alone buy a card or gift.

BigDay Reminder is a new and free app for iOS devices (or you can create an online account accessible on any device) that not only reminds you of important upcoming dates two weeks in advance and the day of the event, it even tells you the perfect gift to buy.

Just create your account, add in your birthday, and other events you want people to remember, and then invite your loved ones to create their own account. When they add in events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc, these events will automatically be put on your calendar along with the gifts that person wants.

Two weeks before the day, you’ll get a reminder to buy a gift. Another reminder is sent to you early in the morning on the actual day of the event so you can remember to make last-minute gift purchase, post a greeting on Facebook, send an e-card, call or make last-minute dinner reservations, ensuring that you won’t end up in the dog house this year.

BigDay Reminder to the rescue!

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