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Your Gym Habits As Determined By The Phrase On Your Graphic T-Shirt



We’ve put together a collection of 10 t-shirts that symbolize the dudes you see at the gym. Think of them as labels, so you know what to expect while pumpin’ iron:

10. He’s most likely ill-equipped making him feel the need to perform jackrabbit style in the bedroom. Yes, he makes her bed rock and puts her in a body cast in the process.

9. And it shows! Good thing you’re here.

8. Classic imbecile.

7. Goes to the gym because this is the only way he can get laid. He may not have brains, but he’s got brawn, and at least he’s honest!

6. This is the guy farting on the treadmill.

5. The guy who sings his iPod tunes aloud. He isn’t straight.

4. Most likely a poser. Die-hard Bob Marley fans don’t go to the gym.

3. He’s paying child support, so he wants credit.

2. Harmless old dude trying to be funny. His doctor told him it was a good idea to get some exercise.

1. This guy is all about results.

Molly Nelson is a staff writer for and thinks that this tee most accurately describes her personal gym style.

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