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YouTube Stars Show Off The Features Of The LG G3



LG recently introduced their newest smartphone, the LG G3, and this bad boy is chock full of features. To best showcase the phone’s capabilities, LG enlisted the help of some well-known YouTube personalities through their “YouTube Star” initiative, who put the smartphone’s technology to the test in their own video production.

The video above was created by YouTuber MysteryGuitarMan, a Brazilian guitarist, animator, and filmmaker who’s famous for his creation of music videos that include edited footage or stop animations of himself or his surroundings. He’s got a massive following on YouTube’s music channel, with 2.8 million subscribers and 338 million views! So he’s clearly the perfect choice to show off the G3’s impressive sound features.

In "Invisible Man", he cleverly pieces the LG G3’s default sounds together to create a beautiful masterpiece. As a visual to the sound track, we see a sequence of instruments being played, not in the traditional method (by hand), but rather by the LG G3 smartphone. Ultimately we see the Mystery Guitar Man himself at the end of the video, providing viewers with a more detailed understanding of the G3’s various features.

I’ve got to admit, the 5.5" Quad HD display has got some pretty impressive stats, delivering vibrant colors and ultra-sharp images in 2560×1440 pixels! And as you heard in the video, the 1-watt speaker with Boost Amp is able to play deep, low and clear, high pitch sounds without the need for additional speakers. The phone itself is really sharp looking as well, with a slim metallic design that screams cutting-edge. As for the KNOCK Code feature to unlock your phone, it’s pretty cool as well, with over 80,000 possible combinations to choose from!

The LG G3 looks to be quite an impressive smartphone that’s packed full of features, so if you’re looking to upgrade to something new, definitely check out the G3.

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