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Top Five Movie Review Websites



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A lot of people like to read an objective, spoiler-free movie review before they decide whether to go see that movie or not. Luckily, there are tons of movie review websites out there where you can read what critics and viewers have to say about a certain film. In addition, students can also check out such websites when they are working on the task of writing a movie review essay as it is a great source of inspiration. In addition, they may come across an analysis of a film done from a completely different angle which will help them with their own assignments using a unique writing approach. Here is the list of top five movie review websites you should definitely check out.

1. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most popular movie review websites among film fans. This site offers a collection of all reviews which have been written on the majority of films that have been released and gives you an average rating based on those publications. Check this website if you need to write a movie review essay and you are looking for critics’ reviews.


Who does not know IMDB, right? Pretty much everyone checks what this resource has to say about a movie before going to the theater. The main reason why this website is so popular is that it gathers ratings from ordinary viewers rather than professional critics. Thus, you can get a clear idea of what the general public has to say about the movie. Surely, you will not cite this resource in the process of writing a movie review essay. Yet, checking out the ratings of a certain film will help you understand whether it is popular among ordinary viewers or not. Besides, writing a movie review on this website is super easy. You can also write one if you want to.

3. MetaCritic

If you’re looking for more professional movie review writing services, you should definitely check out MetaCritic. This website is quite similar to Rotten Tomatoes: you will find an average score of the film based on expert reviews.

4. The Guardian

The Guardian has a very informative film section where expert journalists write professional movie reviews. They cover the majority of impressive films and typically manage to come up with very objective pieces.

5. Roger Elbert

This is the oldest movie review website where you will always find in-depth reviews and a detailed analysis of a film under consideration. This website is the actual Mecca for every single film fan. What is more, you are welcome to consult this resource when you are writing a movie review essay as you will come across a lot of fascinating details you may have missed while watching a film you need to write a review about.

In case you are currently in the process of writing a film review and you have run out of ideas, suggesting to take a look at the movie review websites won’t do you any good. Luckily, there is another useful option on hand. You can get academic writing help at one of the movie review writing services. To specify, an expert will be assigned to your task who will help you write an impressive movie review. Have never used a movie review writing service? Check out the service where you will come across all necessary information about movie review writing as well as the types of writing assistance you can get. If you do not feel like writing a movie review, lack time to complete this assignment properly or feel like expert writing assistance is exactly what you need at the moment, do not hesitate to address your request to a service that offers all year round help with movie review writing. You will get high-quality assistance, find out more about the basics or movie review writing, as well as learn a few unconventional writing techniques.

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