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Five Ways To Freedom



Are you tired of feeling tied down and caught up in the daily grind? It can be an easy trap to fall into, as one minute you are enjoying college and the next you are stuck in the 9-5 and you are not quite sure where your freedom went. Well, have no fear, that freedom can be yours again, as we share with you 5 ways to freedom.

Get yourself some transport

It can be difficult to feel free when you are beholden to someone else to get you around. Whether that be a friend or public transport, it means that you can’t just jump in your car whenever you feel the need to. Or maybe look into buying a motorcycle as it can be a cheaper and more convenient option. Whatever mode of transport that you decide to go for, always keep it well maintained and roadworthy so that you are ever ready for that next adventure.

See the world

Can there be anything more freeing than traveling? Look out for top travel tips, pack your things, book your flights and you are away. Whether you travel with a friend or alone, whether you travel without plans or get an itinerary in place, whether you travel for months or just a few weeks, it really doesn’t matter. You will feel free and enriched by the experience. You might also find yourself bitten by the travel bug and planning your next adventure as soon as your feet touch home ground again.

Opt for flexible contracts

Give yourself the chance to walk away from things whenever you want to. Absolutely anything.  Always look for flexible employment contracts giving you the freedom to move around whenever you need to. Opt for rolling lease options so that you can move neighborhood or state whenever the mood strikes you. It’s then worth selecting as many utilities and bills with flexible contracts as you can, such as SMARTY Mobile.

Work for yourself

There is so much more freedom in working for yourself than having to answer to someone else. Of course, with this freedom there often comes greater responsibility, pressures and longer hours, but it can be worth it for the level of freedom that it affords you. Look into whether you can branch out alone within your current industry or take steps to start your own business in a completely new field. Freelance work also offers greater levels of freedom, so do your research and then take the plunge into a new, freeing, career.

Get rid of any baggage

If you have a home that’s full to the brim of unnecessary ‘stuff’ then start getting rid of it now. It can be so freeing to rid yourself of material things and if you are selling them on, they could even fund one of the ventures mentioned above. It will lighten your load and leave you free to move around more easily. It is also worth taking a similar approach with your friendships. If the friendship does not bring you happiness and allow you to be yourself, then walk away from it now. You will feel freer the moment that you make that decision and can go and build new relationships that do bring something to the table.

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