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Herr’s Introduces 3 New Chip Flavors Inspired By Local Philly Spots



Herr's Flavored by Philly potato chips

Herr’s, Pennsylvania’s cherished local snack maker, just introduced three new Philly-flavored potato chips, and the company wants to know which you like best, inviting everyone to buy, try, and vote to help crown the winner of the Flavored by Philly Contest.

That’s right people, Herr’s is once again putting the focus on the local businesses that infuse Philadelphia with its distinctive culinary character through the Flavored by Philly Local Eats contest, which celebrates Philadelphia’s unique flavors, a testament to community support, and a platform for creating cherished snack-time memories.

Flavored by Philly represents Herr’s newest line of limited-time chip flavors, each a homage to the distinctive tastes of Philadelphia. These 3 finalist flavors (chosen from 1051 submissions) feature a delectable array of flavors ranging from sweet to savory, and are are available for tasting and voting now through August 9th, wherever Herr’s chips are sold.

Ed Herr, Chairman and CEO of Herr’s, shared his thoughts on the contest, expressing, “Herr’s has deep roots in Philly, and we are thrilled to showcase other small businesses and their distinctive flavors through the Flavored by Philly contest.”

He added, “Through the Flavored by Philly contest, we wanted to highlight small businesses and their unique flavors to give the people of our community a memorable experience they could truly savor. It was a challenging decision to narrow down to just three finalists, but we’re huge fans of these three offerings and can’t wait to hear the public’s reaction to the flavor combination of these signature dishes with our chips.”

The three small business finalists offering their big flavors for tasting and voting include:

  • Talluto’s: Cheese Ravioli and Marinara (Philadelphia, PA) – Talluto’s, a pasta pioneer since 1967, presents a mouthwatering combination of robust cheese ravioli and bright marinara sauce, delivering an irresistible flavor experience.
  • Mom Mom’s Kitchen: Potato Pierogi (Philadelphia, PA) – Mom Mom’s Kitchen, known for its homemade comfort food, presents a delightful blend of sweet, creamy, and tangy flavors with its signature potato pierogi.
  • Romano’s Stromboli: Special Hot (Philadelphia, PA) – Romano’s Stromboli, a Philadelphia institution since 1950, offers a savory fusion of cheese, heat, and tradition, encapsulating the essence of the city in every bite.

Herr’s, a brand deeply rooted in the Philadelphia community, is proud to support and honor local small food businesses through the Flavored by Philly contest. These new flavors are now available at major retailers, retailing for $2.69 (2.375oz) and $4.99 (7.375oz).

So what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to try all three flavors and cast your vote for your favorite at until August 9, 2024. The individual who nominated the winning flavor will receive a $5,000 prize, while the small business behind the flavor will win $10,000. Anyone who votes gets entered in a sweepstakes to win Herr’s-branded swag and snacks.

These are some “interesting” flavors for sure, and I’m curious to try them out for myself. 😋

Zander Chance is a technology nut who is always first in line to try out the latest tech gadgets. He also has been an active affiliate marketer for the past 15 years, and he writes about his adventures in that on his blog.

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