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Penn State: This Is Not Collateral Damage, It’s Just Damage!



The sanctions handed down at a press conference held by the NCAA on Monday include a fine, a four-year post-season ban, and the wiping out of all wins from 1998-2011.

Would someone please explain to me how any of these sanctions handed down to Penn State punish the handful of people who actually broke the rules?

Who is impacted by the $60 million dollar fine? The collective “they” of Penn State. Name one person left in the collective “they” that broke the rules?

A four year season post-season ban. Yes, that will teach the ousted Past President Graham Spanier. He has enough issues since; I’m expecting criminal charges to be filed, not to mention all of the civil suits that are bound to be pursued. The only people this affects are the innocent players who did nothing but select a college that they probably have been dreaming of going to since they were kids.

Wiping out the wins. I love this one. Yes, I’m a player who played a game back in 2001 and was carried off the field and celebrated with my teammates in the locker room, we had a big celebration on campus with a parade.. Oh wait, we didn’t win that one now? How does that change my life? How does that hurt the men who did this heinous act?! I say heinous, and I mean it. Not only did they sexually abuse children, but they let the guy get away with it, and they gave him continual access to it!

I get there has to be consequences, but why so much collateral damage? How about 75% of all football profits after expenses and funding other sport and school programs (so they aren’t hurt), for the next 10 years, and donate them to charities that protect children!

What do you think???

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