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Thong Battle

Thong Battle: 02/13/18 – 02/20/18



Welcome to the Thong Battle! Every Tuesday you get to vote on which picture you prefer. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another competitor.

Last week’s Thong Battle was about as close as they get, with these two running neck and neck for the entire week. I really thought Nienna Jade was a lock, but Hindi Eva came back from behind and took home the win with 52% of the votes! Can she keep her winning streak going, or will our fantASStic newcomer Laura Marie steal her glory and send her packing?

Both of these Instagram smokeshows have incredible asses, but only one can move on to the next round. So cast your vote now and let us know who should move on to next week’s battle!

1 – Champion

A post shared by Hindi Eva (@hindi_eva) on

2 – Challenger

A post shared by Laura Marie ? (@lauuramarie) on

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