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What Are Some Of Boxing’s Biggest Problems?



Boxing is one of the sports with millions of fans from every continent, but it is most popular in the U.S. and Europe, where you can also watch some of the most significant boxing events. There are many things that make boxing the preferred option for some sports fans. It is dynamic, fun to watch, and can often attract celebrities that watch their favorite fighters.

Despite the pluses, boxing also has a lot of problems that have an effect on its popularity. Due to the reasons listed below, other combat sports, such as MMA, have become the preferred option for some fighting sports fans.

With that being said, here are some of the issues that boxing fans have to get used to.

Questionable decisions

One of the biggest issues in boxing is most referee’s decisions at the end of each game. Besides ruining the fun for those who watch the event, those things also have an impact on the betting industry. That’s why even if you use the NGN bonus for Bet9ja which is explained by, you may not be able to predict the final outcome of a given match if the referee makes a wrong judgment.

There are many examples of bad decisions that had a negative effect on the popularity of the sport. For example, many people thought that Pacquiao should have won against Floyd Mayweather, but in the end, the U.S. champion took the victory in his favor.

The sport has a lot of belts, making it difficult for casual fans to keep track of everything

One of the reasons why MMA is popular among people who visit Efirbet and use the Bet9ja bonus is because of its simplicity. Although there are other competitions outside the UFC, this is the league that makes the sport so popular. Needless to say, it only has a few belts, which means that you can easily follow the action, even if you don’t have a lot of free time.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true when it comes down to boxing. As you probably know, there are different “sanctioning bodies”, such as the WBC, WBO, IBF, and WBA. All of them have their own belts in every weight class, making things difficult to keep track of.

As if that’s not enough, many other organizations also decided to create their own belts. Those things forced some people to give up on boxing.

Sometimes, the PPVs are really expensive

While it is true that people like Logan and Jake Paul are fun to watch and definitely have a positive impact on the sport, some of their matches required their fans to spend a lot of money to watch them. The Pay Per View (PPV) system is not new, but it used to be way cheaper than it is today.

The PPVs for the UFC aren’t cheap either, but they usually offer more action because there are more events to watch. Sadly, the situation will most likely keep getting worse because the most intriguing boxing events will become even more expensive.

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