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2025 BMW M4 CS Delivers More Power, Better Handling, Less Weight



2025 BMW M4 CS

Introducing the all-new 2025 BMW M4 CS. Following in the footsteps of the 2024 BMW M3 CS, the two-door coupe gets more power, unique chassis tuning, and some weight reduction, resulting in a more intense, emotional driving experience.

For those of you with a short attention span, here are the important parts. The 2025 BMW M4 CS’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine gets a 20HP bump, climbing to 543HP. CS-specific chassis enhancements produce even sharper handling. And thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the M4 CS weighs 77 pounds less than an M4 Competition xDrive.

The 2025 BMW M4 CS rockets from 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds, with an electronically limited top speed of 188mph. What’s more, it tested at the Nürburgring’s 12.9-mile Nordschleife circuit, recording an official, notarized lap time of 7:21.99.

Slotted in between the BMW M4 Competition Coupe and the limited-run BMW M4 CSL, the 2025 BMW M4 CS looks to be the perfect car for those enthusiasts who plan on taking their cars to the track. And with a starting price of $123,500, it’s priced fairly well to boot.

2025 BMW M4 CS

For more detailed info on the 2025 BMW M4 CS, you can read the full press release below:

Today, BMW M announces the all-new 2025 BMW M4 CS. With its 3-liter M TwinPower Turbo inline six bumped to 543 hp, unique chassis tuning, and targeted weight reduction through the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), the special edition M4 CS is equipped to attack the hills, curves, and braking zones of the world’s best circuits as well as highways and backroads. In the usual fashion, the 2025 M4 CS adds an edge to the M4 vehicle concept with advanced equipment and exclusive design features without sacrificing the four-seat layout and everyday practicality.

The 2025 BMW M4 CS will make its world debut on Friday, May 10, simultaneously in the US at the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship race at Laguna Seca and in Europe at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps World Endurance Car race. The CS will be produced alongside the other BMW M4 variants at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing from July 2024. The order books will be open from the end of May.

The new M4 CS’s distinctive character places it midway between the BMW M4 Competition Coupe with M xDrive – with all of the performance, design, and equipment upgrades introduced for model year 2025 – and the limited-run BMW M4 CSL. The performance envelope of the new BMW M4 CS is the product of an authentic Motorsport heritage, which is evident in everyday driving on the road and in full expression on the track.

The characteristic performance parameters of the inline 6-cylinder engine, 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, and M xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive imbue the new CS with dynamic poise and assurance in any situation. Instantaneous power delivery and optimized traction enable acceleration from 0-60 mph in an estimated 3.2 seconds. In testing at the Nürburgring’s 12.9-mile Nordschleife circuit – the ultimate barometer for all BMW M cars – the new BMW M4 CS recorded an official, notarized lap time of 7:21.99.

2025 BMW M4 CS

Inline 6-cylinder engine developed for Motorsport. 

The track-focused character of the new BMW M4 CS is palpable throughout every journey. Under the CS’s CRFP hood lies a more powerful version of the high-revving S58 6-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology developed for the current BMW M3/M4. This 3.0-liter unit also provides the basis for the engine in the racing BMW M4 GT3, which won the DTM touring car title in 2022 its first time out and followed that up in 2023 by delivering the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship team title to Paul Miller Racing.

The engine in the new BMW M4 CS therefore benefits from the development expertise of BMW M and the many years of racing experience that underpin it. The engine starts with an extremely rigid crankcase, which features a sleeve-free, closed-deck construction and is designed to handle very high combustion pressure. The forged lightweight crankshaft provides exceptional torsional resistance, which in turn contributes to rapid power delivery and a willingness to rev. The wire-arc sprayed iron coating of the weight-saving cylinder bores reduces frictional losses. The cylinder head itself has a 3D-printed core, which allows the coolant ducts to be routed in an optimum arrangement for temperature management that would be impossible to achieve using conventional metal casting methods. And the oil supply system – like the cooling system – is designed to handle the specific challenges of track use, including sustained high revs and extreme lateral acceleration.

2025 BMW M4 CS

Tailored performance characteristics, distinctive sound. 

The M4 CS’s maximum output of 543 hp represents a 20 hp increase over the BMW M4 Competition Coupe with M xDrive. The increase was achieved through targeted revisions to the engine’s M TwinPower Turbo technology and required no concessions in terms of stability or durability. The adjustments primarily involved raising the maximum boost pressure of the two mono-scroll turbochargers to 30.5 psi and making alterations to the engine management parameters.

The engine’s peak torque of 479 lb-ft is fully available from just 2,750 rpm up to 5,950 rpm. Maximum power is made at 6,250 rpm, and the engine continues to rev smoothly to a 7,200 rpm redline. Unique engine mounts with increased spring rates form a more rigid connection between the engine and the vehicle’s structure, enabling direct transmission of its power to the drivetrain every time the driver presses the accelerator.

The instantly available power and high-revving character of the engine result in breathtaking acceleration. The new BMW M4 CS dashes from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.4 seconds, while 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h) takes 11.1 seconds. The mid-range sprint from 50-75 mph is dealt with in 2.6 seconds in 4th gear and in 3.3 seconds in 5th. Top speed with the standard M Driver’s Package is electronically limited to 188 mph.

The power delivery is accompanied by a stirring soundtrack generated by the dual-branch exhaust system, which features electrically controlled flaps, a titanium rear silencer with weight-minimizing design, and two pairs of tailpipes finished in matte Black. The exhaust note adjusts to the powertrain setting selected via the M Setup menu. In SPORT and SPORT+ modes, it is noticably more aggressive and resonant.

2025 BMW M4 CS

8-speed M Steptronic transmission, M xDrive, and Active M differential convert outstanding power into impressive performance.

The engine’s torque is distributed to all four wheels of the new BMW M4 CS via an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic. Gears are selected using either the M-specific gear lever on the center console or the carbon fiber shift paddles on the steering wheel. The Drivelogic button integrated into the selector allows the driver to alter the transmission’s shift characteristics as desired: level one is more comfort-oriented, level two for sportier performance, and level three optimized for high-performance driving situations.

Torque distribution is managed via the M xDrive system. This intelligent all-wheel-drive technology uses an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case to allocate the engine’s power smoothly between the front and rear wheels – and so maximize traction, agility and directional stability. The multi-plate clutch’s oil supply has been optimized to ensure the all-wheel-drive system continues to perform effectively even during intense track use.

The M xDrive system’s rear-wheel bias and its integration with the fully-variable Active M Differential at the rear axle add to the signature M feeling whether accelerating in a straight line or powering through corners. Furthermore, the M Setup menu allows 4WD Sport mode to be selected, which directs a greater proportion of the engine’s torque to the rear wheels. Drivers can also switch off the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system altogether and engage pure rear-wheel drive via 2WD mode.

2025 BMW M4 CS

CS-specific tuning for the chassis technology and control systems. 

The individually tuned axle kinematics and unique wheel camber settings, dampers, auxiliary springs, and anti-roll bars optimize steering precision, transmission of lateral control forces when cornering, spring and damping response, and wheel location.

The electronically controlled dampers of the Adaptive M suspension have a setup specific to the M4 CS, as do the electromechanical M Servotronic steering with variable ratio and the integrated braking system. The settings for the DSC system and M Dynamic Mode have also been geared to the specific demands of highly dynamic driving. M Dynamic Mode (MDM) gives drivers extra leeway to explore the car’s dynamic limits by pushing back the intervention points for the DSC system’s various stabilizing measures. When the M4 CS is driven very aggressively, the resultant wheel slip ensures better power transmission and helps to propel the CS down the road with extra assurance.

2025 BMW M4 CS interior

Exclusive forged light-alloy wheels on high performance tires fitted as standard. 

The M4 CS is equipped as standard with M Compound brakes with calipers painted in a choice of Red or Black. The calipers for the optional M Carbon ceramic brakes can be specified in a Red or Gold finish. The new BMW M4 CS also comes as standard with forged M alloy wheels in an exclusive V-spoke design – available in either in matte Gold Bronze or matte Black.

Those wheels (19-inch at the front axle and 20-inch at the rear) are fitted as standard with high performance tires – 275/35 ZR19 at the front, and 285/30 ZR20 at the rear. Track tires are a no cost option as are ultra-track tires, specifically engineered to maximize performance on a circuit.

2025 BMW M4 CS seats

Intensive application of lightweight design with generous use of CFRP.

The targeted use of lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is key to eliciting the distinctive performance and character of the M4 CS. The carbon fiber roof is a prime example, its low weight bringing the CS’s center of gravity closer to the road, enhancing agility and cornering dynamics. The hood, front splitter, front air intakes, exterior mirror caps, rear diffuser, and Gurney-style rear spoiler are also made from this lightweight material.

The principle of intelligent lightweight design extends to the interior. The center console, steering column-mounted shift paddles, and interior trim elements are all made from CFRP. The CS also comes as standard with M Carbon bucket seats, whose weight-minimizing construction is highlighted by the use of CFRP in the structural elements of the seat cushion and backrest as well as in the distinctive cut-outs in the side bolsters and below the head restraints.

The exhaust system on the new BMW M4 CS is more than eight pounds lighter than the conventional system, through the use of a titanium rear silencer. In total, lightweight design measures bring the M4 CS’s weight down by 77 pounds compared to the BMW M4 Competition Coupe with M xDrive.

2025 BMW M4 CS console

M front end strut brace maximizes torsional rigidity.

An M strut brace – also engineered for lightness – increases torsional rigidity and improves handling through corners. The cast aluminum elements connecting the front strut towers to the front end feature a weight-optimized geometry that has been precisely matched – with the help of computer models – to the forces applied in various driving situations.

Exclusive design features promise thrilling performance.

At launch, the new M4 CS will be available in two BMW Individual paint finishes: Riviera Blue and Frozen Isle of Man Green metallic. Exposed carbon fiber surfaces on the roof and within the two channels running the length of the hood showcase the material’s distinctive structure, as do the front splitter, front air intakes, M exterior mirror caps, rear spoiler, and rear apron. Together with the Black side skirts and M gills, the CFRP elements provide a bold contrast against the new paint finishes. The new BMW M4 CS can also be ordered in Brooklyn Grey metallic or Black Sapphire metallic.

At the front, a weight-saving, frameless BMW kidney grille with a minimalist feel reminiscent of the M4 GT3 racing machines dominates. It features red contour lines and “M4 CS” badging on the upper of the two horizontal grille bars. The badges on the grille and on the trunk lid are finished in black with a red border.

The headlight units’ sculptural light icons illuminate in yellow instead of conventional white during the Welcome Light animation and when low or high beam is active; a reference to GT racing cars. The rear lights of the BMW M4 CS feature intricate fiber optic bundles inside the light units, which have a “free-floating” appearance and are illuminated by a laser diode. The result is a prominent 3D effect first shown on the ultra-high performance M4 CSL.

2025 BMW M4 CS wheels

Racing flair in the cockpit: M Carbon bucket seats with exclusive design cues.

The standard 3-spoke M Alcantara steering wheel with a flat-bottomed rim offers a perfect combination of secure grip for dynamic driving maneuvers and comfort on longer journeys. Its red center stripe at top dead center and CFRP shift paddles add an authentic racing flavor to the interior. The standard M Carbon bucket seats fuse a track-oriented appearance and feel with long-distance comfort. Fully power adjustable and heated, they feature integral head restraints and illuminated M4 CS badges.

The M Carbon bucket seats in the BMW M4 CS are upholstered in Merino leather in a Black/Red color scheme with distinctive contrast stitching. This bi-color finish is carried over into the rear compartment. Both the door panels in the front and the rear side paneling are trimmed in Black leather. Red “CS” lettering on the center console, M seat belts with contrast stitching in the BMW M tricolor, an Anthracite-colored headliner, interior trim strips in Carbon Fiber, and door sill plates with the inscription “M4 CS” all add to the exclusive ambience inside.

2025 BMW M4 CS rear diffuser

BMW Curved Display with M-specific graphics, new BMW iDrive.

The latest version of the BMW iDrive display and control/operation system based on BMW Operating System 8.5 provides intuitive control of numerous vehicle functions and digital services. The BMW Curved Display features M-specific displays and is angled towards the driver. The fully digital screen is formed by a 12.3-inch information display behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch central control display. The familiar M Shift Lights appear at the top of the information display, while the driving stability system, M xDrive, and traction control modes are all indicated in the lower area. Special widgets containing information on the vehicle setup and tire pressures and temperatures can be added to the control display’s home screen.

The upgraded BMW iDrive also includes the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and has been designed with an emphasis on touch and voice control. Besides the M-specific graphics, the system also now provides access to the automatic climate control functions and seat and steering wheel heating either by touch using a special menu option in the lower area of the control display or by voice command.

2025 BMW M4 CS front grille

Setup button for customizing vehicle configuration, M Drive Professional with M Drift Analyzer and M Laptimer standard.

The M Setup button on the center console enables direct access to the settings options for the engine, chassis, steering, braking system, and M xDrive. Two individually configurable setups can be stored and retrieved, along with the preferred settings for the engine note, the DSC, the Automatic Start/Stop function, and gearbox setting, using one of the two M buttons on the steering wheel.

Also fitted as standard is the M Drive Professional system. This includes track-optimized functions such as the M Drift Analyzer and the M Laptimer. It also features M Traction Control, with ten settings helping drivers enjoy the pleasure of driving the car enthusiastically on the track.

The M Mode button on the center console is another tool in the M Drive Professional package and can be used to adjust both driver assistance systems and the content shown in the information display and Head-Up Display. Along with ROAD and SPORT settings, the BMW M4 CS also offers a TRACK mode designed exclusively for circuit driving.

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