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New Sony BRAVIA 9 Is Their Brightest, Most Immersive 4K TV Ever



Sony BRAVIA 9 television

Sony just revealed their lineup of new TVs for 2024, and the star of the show is the BRAVIA 9. The BRAVIA 9 Flagship Mini LED is Sony’s brightest 4K TV ever, with thousands of Mini LEDs precisely controlled by XR Backlight Master Drive, based on tech found in Sony’s professional monitors used by filmmakers.

With higher luminance than ever, new color volumes can be reached. BRAVIA 9 can accurately reproduce natural scenes in detail, hosting approximately 325% more dimming zones and being approximately 50% brighter than its predecessor, the 2023 X95L model. The BRAVIA 9 includes X-Wide Angle to preserve color and brightness while viewing the TV from any angle, and X-Anti Reflection to reduce screen glare so all viewers have a premium picture.

The BRAVIA 9 (along with the BRAVIA 8 and BRAVIA 7) use the intelligent XR Processor that uses a scene recognition system to analyze every frame with high accuracy, and then optimizes the picture for ultimate realism. Reinforced by XR Triluminos Pro, these models can display billions of accurate colors and enhance the range of hues and saturation to reveal extremely precise color in every scene, just as the filmmaker intended.

Sony BRAVIA 9 Flagship Mini LED

Furthermore, these BRAVIA TVs are equipped with Studio Calibrated Pictures modes aimed to reproduce the image quality intended by filmmakers on your TV at home. In addition to the existing Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and SONY PICTURES CORE Calibrated Mode (formerly BRAVIA CORE), Prime Video Calibrated Mode is a new mode designed to provide customers with even more ways to experience premium entertainment through the lens of the creator. With Prime Video Calibrated Mode, customers can enjoy optimum picture quality that is automatically calibrated across movies, series, and for the first time, live sports.

On the audio front, the BRAVIA 9 supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced for a truly immersive soundscape and features a 2.2.2 channel speaker system with Sony’s innovative Acoustic Multi-Audio+. This technology incorporates upward-firing beam tweeters, a world’s first, alongside side frame tweeters, thus resulting in a wider, more immersive cinematic surround sound experience. For crystal-clear dialogue, the TV has Voice Zoom 3 as well as Acoustic Center Sync, which turns the TV into a center speaker when paired with a compatible Sony soundbar.

The BRAVIA 9 is available in 65-inch ($3,299.99), 75-inch ($3,999.99), and 85-inch ($5,499.99), catering to various room sizes and viewer preferences. While these prices are on the higher end, they reflect the BRAVIA 9’s premium features and superior performance. These TVs are currently available for purchase.

Visit to learn more about the BRAVIA 9, the latest addition to the Sony family.

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