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We’ve Got Six Simple Tips To Build Muscle Fast




Have you ever come across someone with an impressive physique that leaves you speachless? The amazing part is that many of these guys have lives outside of the gym, with busy careers and even families. It makes you wonder how they’re able to maintain that muscular physique with everything else going on in their lives.

Building muscle is complicated and requires both patience and hard work in order for you to experience better results. Sadly, most people lack the patience, giving up before they see any significant gains. We’re here to help, with six ways on how you can rev up your results!

1. Lifting More Weight Over Time

Weightlifting is one of the best ways to keep your body weight in check while building muscle. However, most people ignore the fact that building muscles require adding more weight over time. Regardless of the style of weightlifting, if you aren’t increasing the weight over time, don’t be surprised by the slow muscle building.

Successful bodybuilders always come up with the perfect workout program that entails lifting heavier and heavier weights. We both know that the path may be tough, especially when you are unable to bump the pressure higher. At this juncture, trainers always insist on coming up with other strategies such as supersets, which help you increase your body’s potential. In the next week or two, you’ll be ready to handle the next weight level.

2. Compound Exercises

Currently, the number of weight-related complications are on the rise. Thankfully, people have begun to realize the many benefits that hitting the gym can bring when it comes to avoiding injury. However, when it comes to building muscle, the type of workout dictates the results. It’s for this reason that we see some people experiencing quick effects as compared to others.

According to professional trainers, many bodybuilders understand the need to focus on multi-muscle exercises. Based on people’s busy schedules, gym time is usually limited. So, the idea here is to maximize your efforts in the gym. In other words, it’s wise to engage in activities that boost one or two muscle groups for quick results. Most successful muscle builders follow a rule that ensures 80% of the workouts target at least 2 muscle groups at a time. This is a method that you should follow as well.

The shoulder press is one of the few workouts that favor the rule. It strains the muscles within the shoulders, as well as those around the triceps. Also, there are the squats, which boosts the muscles around the quads and the hamstrings. The bench press is also useful when it comes to multiple-muscle workouts, as it exercises the shoulders, triceps, chest and even the biceps to some degree.

3. Fuel Your Body

Fueling your body is essential when it comes to ensuring a productive workout. Many people are still not sure of what diet suits a successful muscle building workout. But, even platforms such as MyMusclePal agree that proper food and supplement intake is vital to your success, and that this should be done before and after the workouts.

From the little scientific knowledge that we have, we know that amino acids are needed in the body to help in synthesizing new muscle mass. Also, carbohydrates are needed to provide the energy required to develop the new muscle tissue. Therefore, failing to include the two in your diet plan may mean zero results.

4. Know When You Reach A Plateau

As stated earlier, the bodybuilding journey is complicated and requires a lot of patience and smartness to experience useful results. There is the plateau, and many individuals are always asking what it means. As the name suggests, a plateau is that point in your journey where an individual goes 1-2 weeks without any progress. This state may halt one’s quest to a perfect body. The sad thing is that most people don’t understand how to avoid hitting a plateau.

Most people realize that they have hit the plateau when it’s late. However, the smart fellows are always on the forefront to ensure that the situation doesn’t occur in the first place. The best way to address this is to mix up your workout program. For example, some people prefer changing the order in which they perform the workouts. Others change the amount of rest they take between sets while others prefer changing the type of exercises. The key is to keep your body guessing and not fall into a routine.

5. Rest

Gym sessions can be quite interesting. The craving for a ripped body makes the tiring activity even more interesting. It’s the cravings that see most people focus more on working out and less on taking some time to rest. It’s vital that you allow time for your body to recover.

Resting before going back to the gym is a must. It’s smart to come up with a workout program that allows sufficient rest time. However, the amount of rest needed is based on the type of workout you’re doing. For example, activities such as weightlifting require a day off between muscle groups. But for events that get one working out at a higher frequency, a full two days of rest might be necessary.

6. Eat More Protein

Weightlifting breaks down the muscles. It’s this break down that influences masculinity in the long run. We both understand that we need proteins to ensure that the muscles are built back up. Therefore, when it comes to bodybuilding workouts, eating more proteins is vital. Protein is essential when it comes to facilitating the recovery process. According to research, you need roughly 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Thus, coming up with a perfect meal plan that allows sufficient intake of protein is really important. Otherwise, all of your hard work will be for naught.

Most of us admire a muscular body when we see one. However, some of us don’t understand the secret behind the perfect physique. To many, bodybuilding is a complicated task and may take forever to achieve. However, with an accurate program and tips provided in this article, the muscle building journey can be made short and achievable. Good luck!

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