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A Closer Look At The Most Popular Casino Games For Men



The casino scene has traditionally been thought of as a rather masculine environment where women may be seen rather as companions to the men who do all the actual gambling. While nowadays casino games are gaining more popularity among women as well, men still gamble more often, play more different sort of games and bet more money on average than women. 

But which online casino games are the most popular among men? We have discussed the topic with Carlos Norberg, a casino industry veteran, whose profile you can check here

Table Games Lead the Way

When talking about casino games, men tend to favor strategic table games, whereas women choose more often games of chance, such as slots or roulette. It is thought that men like the feeling of being in control, and they have an unshakable belief in their chances of out-witting their opponent, which is why they prefer strategy games. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that in Sweden, where you might be able to enjoy a game of blackjack also in a nightclub or a restaurant, blackjack is among many men’s favourite games. We can also see this at online casinos, as live dealer blackjack appeals especially to male players.

Poker is another hugely popular table game that is traditionally played more by men than women. For example, Texas Hold’em was developed in the saloons of the Wild West – certainly a masculine environment! Apart from the land-based casinos and saloons, men are also drawn to playing poker online. Both online poker against other players and video poker are favorite games for men all over the world – including Sweden, where all the top poker professionals are men. 

In Sweden, there are not that many land-based casinos, let alone bars, so the best place to play blackjack or poker is online. Check out the best casino utan konto for a hassle-free gaming experience without having to create an account. 

Slot Machines for Men

Having said all that about table games, slot games are still the most popular games in general both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. Both men and women love playing slot games, but there may be some differences as to which games appeal more to the fairer sex and which are preferred by men. 

Many of the most popular slots in the world are fairly neutral in their themes, and can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of gender – think Starburst with its space theme and Book of Dead with the ancient Egypt theme. However, there are certain slot games whose graphics are clearly designed for those who appreciate the female form, which applies to most men. 

We can mention, among others, Seven Sins, Sisters of the Oz Wowpot and Playboy as examples of slot machines designed with the male gamblers in mind. On the other hand, there are also plenty of slot machines based on superheroes, Wild West or Martial arts, which are all topics that interest more men than women. Apart from all these, there are, of course, lots of slot machines about sports such as football, basketball, and ice hockey, which are mainly geared towards men. 

Sports Betting

We mentioned sports-themed slot games, but online sports betting is even more popular among those who enjoy watching sports. An overwhelming majority of sports bettors are men – even in Sweden, which is known for its gender equality, men are still considerably more into watching and betting on sports than women. 

Football and ice hockey are among the most popular sports to watch and bet on in Sweden, with trotting or harness racing being almost as widely followed. It comes as no surprise that men are generally more interested in watching sports than women, and naturally, sports betting is also closer to their heart. Many online casinos also offer sports betting, as playing casino games and sports betting go hand in hand. 

Different Gambling Behavior of Men vs Women

As we mentioned before, men tend to prefer strategy games such as table games to simple games of chance. Males have a natural competitive streak, so they like to have an opponent to beat with their skills and tactics, rather than just spinning a wheel and taking their chances with Lady Luck. 

Another factor that separates men from women is risk tolerance – it is more common among men to take higher risks and for example stake more money on a single bet than for women. For the same reason, men often prefer casino games with higher volatility. High-rollers, meaning players that place high stakes, are much more often men both in land-based casinos and in online gambling. 

However, in recent years women have started to gamble more, mainly thanks to online gambling. Traditional casinos might not feel very welcoming for many women due to their reputation as male-dominated playgrounds, but now anyone can play casino games online with their smartphone or laptop. This has made gambling a lot more easily approachable, and as a result, the gender gap in gaming is narrowing fast. 


While both men and women do enjoy gambling, there are clear differences between the sexes as to what kind of games they prefer. Men usually head for table games, sports betting or such slot machines that are designed with male interests in mind. 

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