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Are You Ready For Sex After Divorce?



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I’ll get right to the point: Us divorced men have had sex and we want it again.

If you are fresh off a divorce, you’re probably hesitant to dive into a new relationship. While it may seem like every woman in the world expects a serious relationship to accompany sex, there are some who really are interested in casual sex. Finding just such a woman shouldn’t be a problem.

Now comes the time you must ask yourself – Are you ready for casual sex? I don’t know. But I can help you decided if casual, no-strings-attached sex is right for you.  Before diving into the sex scene, ask yourself these questions.  If you find an unfavorable answer to any of them, the time might not be right for a bout of casual sex.

1. Do You Know What You Really Want?

Be honest with yourself.  Is your yearning for sex really a yearning for a new relationship? If so, casual sex will only set you up for heartache – again. You’ve already been through enough emotional turmoil. Do you really want to set yourself up for more?!

2. Are You Confident About Your Self-Worth?

Casual sex doesn’t usually involve a lot of get-to-know you talk. Chances are, your new sex partner does want to know your life story. If you are seeking validation, you won’t find it. You need to have a strong sense of self-worth to engage in casual sex.

3. Will You Survive Rejection?

You’ve just been through an emotional ordeal. If you were the one dumped, you experienced a pretty big rejection. Can you handle another? At any given time, your sexual relationship could come to a screeching halt.  Your friend with benefits could find a new friend – or a serious relationship. And your one-night-stand might not return your calls for a second round. How will you feel if you experience this kind of rejection?  Will you bounce back or tumble into the depths of depression?

4. Will You Be Safe?

Since you’ve been married at least once before, you are used to having unprotected sex. As a divorced man and a sex scene newbie again, you might be more inclined to pass on condom usage. However, you can not ever take risks when it comes to unprotected sex – especially in a causal relationship.

Well…what’s the verdict? Who will be joining you in bed tonight? A sexy, no-strings-attached woman or your right hand?

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