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The Best Weight Loss Plan Ever – Lots Of Sex!



Passionate couple in bed

Most of us guys are pretty attentive to our appearance. Managing our weight is usually a top priority. However, that task isn’t always easy.

What do you do after a long, annoying, stressful day at the office? Go home, veg on the couch, chow down on worthless food, and feel guilty you didn’t go to the gym? Sure, there are plenty of times we don’t feel like going for an intense workout after an intense 8+ hours of work. However, there is absolutely no reason for you to feel sorry for yourself.

Instead of running on the treadmill or lifting a gazillion pounds, engage in an entirely different – yet just as productive – workout. Sex.

In addition to the obvious benefits of good sex, a toe-curling, wake-the-neighbors, heart-pounding romp in bed can help you shed those unwanted pounds too.

Here are five reasons why sex is good for weight loss.

1. Sex burns calories
Before going to sleep, you and your honey could…

a) Cuddle in bed, watch late-night TV and burn 75 calories an hour. Or…
b) Have hot and steamy sex, burning three times as many calories.

Which would you prefer?

We thought so. You probably don’t need any encouragement to hop in sack. If you want to persuade your woman, tell her 25 minutes of sex burns the same calories as 25 minutes on the stationary bike. She might be willing to go an extra round if she knows she can skip her workout at the gym tomorrow morning!

Plus, a single orgasm burns the same amount of calories as jogging up a flight of stairs.

2. Sex curbs food cravings
When you have a super stressful day at work, your body produces excess cortisol, a high-anxiety hormone. As if you needed another kick in the pants, cortisol induces uncontrollable food cravings. How are you supposed to stay true to your weight loss efforts when all you can think about is beer and pizza?

But guess what…sex reduces cortisol levels and blood pressure. So when you have a bad day and all you can think about is getting something greasy into your belly, reach for your woman instead of hot wings. Sex will kill the cravings and leave you much more satisfied.

3. Sex gets rid of fat
There is a direct correlation between sleep and fat loss. Get plenty of rest and your weight loss efforts will be enhanced. Skimp on the Zzzz’s and your waist line will bear witness to the fact.

Sex helps you sleep better. Falling into bed, bone tired, after getting some action will aid in hours of blissful slumber.

4. Sex will motivate you
Sex improves your body image, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Hearing a little hottie rave about your sexy stomach as she grabs hold of your rock-hard glutes will be a strong incentive to maintain – or enhance – your current appearance.

5. Sex will make you want to have more sex
The more sex you have, the more pounds you’ll lose. The more pounds you lose, the better the sex will be. Even shedding just a few pounds will boost your testosterone levels. And the better the sex is, the more often you will want to have it. And what do you know, you are right back at the beginning. The more sex you have…

Ok. So some of these weight loss tips might be a slight stretch of the imagination. But really, do you need an excuse for sex?!

Mike Conner is a freelance writer, dispensing advice on a wide variety of topics. Recently, he has been spending a lot of time researching weight loss plans – both traditional and alternative methods.

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