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Beer Drinkers, Want To Lose That Belly Fat?



Did you know that beer drinking is not a direct cause for your beer belly? Researchers from Europe found that consuming beer does not contribute much to your huge bellies.

Does that mean that you can continue drinking your favorite beers and not increase your belly fat? No, not exactly!

While drinking beer might not directly cause an increase in your belly fat, it does affect it indirectly. Read further on to find out how!

Top two reasons why beer drinkers have huge bellies

Reason #1: Many studies have proven that those who drink beers usually workout less. Most of the beer drinkers hardly get off their bar stools and do workouts!

Reason #2: They tend to feel hungry when they sit at the bar or at home, and they consume any available foods such as fried foods, chips and nuts.

How to lose beer belly?

You can try the following tips to lose your beer belly and achieve that flatter tummy that you’ve always wanted!

Reduce Calorie Consumption

To put it simply, the calories you take in should be less than those that you burn off every day. Thus, it will help your body shed that unwanted body fat. This process should be done in a responsible way – That is, you shouldn’t starve yourself; starving yourself can reduce your blood sugar levels and affect your health and daily activities.

Avoid Beer

Consuming beer will never help you reach your belly fat loss goal, as it contains so many calories.. And usually beer drinkers don’t stop at just one!

Take Healthy Diet

Consuming junk foods will hardly help you in achieving your fat loss goal. Rather, you should choose fresh and healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and others.

Ditch the Sugar

Sugar, particularly the processed one that is found in junk foods like candies and others, easily turns into fat. Also, these types of sugars increase your blood sugar level abruptly, which will be followed by an abrupt drop, making you feel tired and sluggish. If you must, you can eat your favorite sweets in moderation just before to your workout.

Work Your Abs

You might have already heard that spot reduction is not possible. Reducing belly fat with just crunches is not possible. That’s right; you need a well planned program to shed your belly fat. That doesn’t mean that you have to remove crunches or other abdominal workouts from your program. It’s always important to tone your core muscles while following the other ways to reduce the target belly fat. A batch of 20 crunches per session will develop lean and strong core muscles.

Get Your Body Moving

This does not need to be strenuous, but it is must if you really want to get a flatter tummy. Exercising will help you burn the extra fat not only from your belly but throughout the body. 30 minutes of exercises 4 times a week will definitely help in maximum fat loss results. You need to break a sweat while doing exercises, which shows that you are burning that extra fat out of your body.

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