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Can You Do Luxury Travel With Children?



Life has to change when you have children. One of the big changes for many parents is the way that they travel. Luckily, some of the world’s best destinations are now catering to people who enjoy luxury travel without having to leave the children at home. Luxury travel with children can still be achievable, but there are a few simple tricks to help you. 

The Flight

You can still fly long-haul with children. Pack plenty of snacks, toys, and activities to keep them occupied. You could put up a makeshift ‘tent’ with a blanket and clips to help your child fall asleep in the bright lights of the cabin. 

The Hotel

You need a hotel that understands a family’s needs without making it too obvious that they’re catering for kids. Look for a hotel that has everything you need to be covered, from being able to help you book attractions and excursions like a luxury yacht charter,  to a restaurant that can offer kid-friendly options and a range of delicious gourmet dishes for the grown-ups. 

The Restaurant

Food is often a challenge when you travel with kids. It can help to go to restaurants with plenty of distractions for your kids with you, so you can relax and enjoy your meal in peace. If you’re worried that your kids aren’t going to be able to eat healthily while you’re away, remember that you are on vacation. You can always supplement with vitamins so they don’t miss out while you’re all having fun. 

The Kid’s Club

A kids club can be a good way to keep kids busy with some more familiar activities when you or they have got bored. The best kids clubs have well-trained staff who are used to encourage even very shy children. Some resorts also have restaurants with kids’ arts and crafts tables that are staffed by their kids’ club team, so you can eat dinner without worrying about what your kids are doing. 

If you do decide to make use of the kids club, book the afternoon slot. You might think it’s better to book the morning slot so you can have a lie-in, but you’ll have to be up to get the children there. If you’re in a hot climate, the afternoon is when the heat is most intense and everyone can get grouchy. In the morning, the beach is often quieter, and you can have a family breakfast before the children can go and burn some extra energy for the afternoon while you do something else. The best kids clubs have an area for parents of children who may be less confident. Your kids can play without feeling anxious about where you are, and you can relax with a book, guilt-free, but still in sight. Look for hotels with kids clubs that offer lots of different indoor and outdoor activities for kids of all ages. Some even have a cinema for movie screenings, or space for teens with consoles, ping-pong, and table football. 

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