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Explaining The Enduring Appeal Of The X-Files Series



For nine seasons, millions of viewers in the United States and beyond tuned in regularly to catch the latest episode of The X-Files. Running from 1993 through 2002, there were a total of 202 episodes produced that featured FBI special agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder sleuthing and investigating paranormal activity and various conspiracies that have touched on everything from the existence of extraterrestrial beings and government cover-ups to the lone gunman conspiracy. While the last episode of the show aired over a decade ago, the fact is that the show developed a cult following that continues to live on and express a desire to see more of Mulder and Scully. There are a number of reasons why this rather dark, science fiction show and its various spin-off shows and related merchandise continue to be popular with millions of fans in the U.S. and beyond.

The Paranormal Investigations
Agent Mulder is a believer in all things paranormal in The X-Files, and in most episodes of the show, he is constantly trying to convince Scully of the validity of his beliefs. The show investigated a wide range of paranormal topics and themes over its episodes, touching on the beliefs that many of its viewers share. The general premise is a belief that there is indeed something out there that we cannot see and that can impact our lives. Scully’s skepticism throughout much of the show serves as a dramatic antithesis to Mulder’s undying belief in extraterrestrials, mythological creatures and more.

The Conspiracy
Of course, a show about paranormal activity and extraterrestrials would not be complete without focusing attention on the many conspiracy theories that circulate about everything from the lone gunman to the government’s desire to keep Area 51 a secret. The government is viewed as a harsh, secretive entity in The X-Files that strives to keep the truth away from the general public, and this is a view that hits close to home with many who believe in extraterrestrials and paranormal activity. Many, like Mulder, believe that there is documented proof of the existence of such beings and activities, but the government is suppressing this information from the public for various reasons.

The Romance
It would be hard to believe that two FBI agents who have worked so closely together for so many years and who have been through some truly harrowing experiences would not develop profoundly deep feelings for each other. During the first few episodes of The X-Files, it was clear that Mulder and Scully had a platonic relationship. However, this pair learned quickly that they could trust no one but each other. As the episodes progressed, they continued to grow closer together, and by the end of the show’s run, the two were involved in a romantic relationship.

Since it went off the air, The X-Files has continued to be a popular franchise with re-runs on various cable TV networks, boxed DVD sets, bumper stickers and more. Several feature films and made-for-TV movies have also aired, and they largely were a major success as well. As long as people continue to distrust the government and believe that there is a cover-up in place regarding extraterrestrials and paranormal activities, The X-Files will continue to have an undying appeal.

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