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Factors To Consider Before Upgrading Your Car



2021 Corolla Apex Edition

The fresh scent of a new car is always a snug feeling for any car enthusiast. There is always that honeymoon phase after buying a new car, a time where you drive your car around the city for hours endlessly. That feeling of excitement is hard to surpass. Fast forward to a couple of years and suddenly the feeling creeps in that your car is no longer potent enough to blow the dust off the streets. The next huge step in your car’s lifeline could be a swanky upgrade.

Upgrading your car is always a big move, as you experience a range of emotions wondering how the results will turn out. The main motive here is upgrading the car’s performance or enhancing its longevity. There are some factors you should consider before you decide to upgrade that used Toyota Corolla or any other car you have in your garage. Keeping these factors in mind ensures that you get the maximum bang on the buck for all of your car’s upgrades.

Do the upgrade parts match your car’s model?

This question might seem generic and obvious for any car enthusiast looking for an upgrade. However, many owners still end up neglecting this factor only to realize they have made a mistake at the end of the upgrade.

You should consider the make and model of your vehicle, its trim level, and any past modifications before you jump in straight into an upgrade. Some special upgrade parts are only compatible with a specific vehicle make or model, so perform careful research of the same.

Wheels are a prime example of this notion. The wheel’s diameter, width, and bolt pattern all matter while performing an upgrade. Also, get the right tire sizes that just fit in for your vehicle. Don’t go too small or too big, or you will be left asking for a lift in the midst of an adventure.

Your budget

There are always hefty expenses associated with upgrading your car. All the aftermarket upgrades appear very enticing at a first glimpse. Hence, it is very easy to get carried away with one upgrade and then another one. Sometimes, it can be hard to suppress your excitement while equipping your car with the latest upgrades. In such a situation, there is always the option of a quick payday loan.

The condition of your tires

Your tires should always be on top of your wish list whenever you approach an upgrade shop. Getting a fresh new set of tires makes a world of difference in your ride quality and overall car performance. If you are tuning your car for rally racing or off-roading ventures, tire upgrades should be your top priority. Changing your tires can also reveal other hidden problems underneath including brake issues. Tires are the foundation of your vehicle, hence keeping them in prime condition is key to peak performance.

2021 Corolla Apex Edition

Tuning the car

Here, we refer to tuning up the car’s inbuilt software programs instead of the actual tuning upgrades. Normally for this purpose, you require an ECU (also known as a flash or a map) program. This program performs a series of small tweaks and reprograms the car’s software to get rid of any existing issues. You don’t need to be a computer geek to perform this procedure, although buying a pre-programmed tuner is generally the safer choice.

Your personal fitting skills

Upgrading a car may sound like the adventure of a lifetime, but you also need to consider your personal mechanical skills before touching any car part. If you can’t make heads or tails of a specific car part, consider taking your car to a professional technician. It may cost some service charges, but at least you don’t end up messing up your car upgrades.

Get new sway bars

Sway bars, also known as anti-roll bars are spring-loaded, shock-absorbing bars that maintain your car’s stability while scaling tight curves. These bars reduce your car’s body roll and work in unison with the suspension. Since most cars have their engines in the front, installing a sway bar in the front is always a wise choice for better traction.

Alternatively, you could also install them in the rear to solve the problem of understeering. You might lose some traction, but eventually, you gain more stability and control while scaling tight corners.

Upgrade the air intake

Engines do run out of breath while burning fuel constantly, hence a decent air intake significantly improves performance. Coupled with an ECU tune-up, an upgraded air intake system totally changes the dynamics of your car. Upgrading your air intake is a cheaper alternative to upgrading your fuel injectors. Do consider a suitable air intake that is compatible with your engine type.

Get rear diffusers

When you upgrade your car for the first time, you might be tempted to attach a rear spoiler to your car just for that extra clout. While spoilers are definitely a stern fashion statement, they increase your aerodynamic drag and traction dramatically, to the point that your car drives much worse than before.

A sensible alternative is a rear diffuser, which offers a similar effect to a spoiler without worsening the ride quality. With a rear diffuser, the air is directed in a pattern that increases the downforce of your car. Since a diffuser is attached to the rear bumper, onlookers will hardly ever notice it.


Before you go too overboard with any flashy upgrades, remember that you need to sell the car at some point in the future. Say no to that bright neon green paint job, oversized rear speakers, or any outrageous engine.

These upgrades may only make the car more difficult to sell to a potential buyer. Maintain your car in a decent condition and repair any parts before you eventually decide to sell it.

Install some high-end navigation systems or security systems to raise the value of your car or lower the depreciation rate at the time of selling. Most used cars don’t have those features installed, so you are at a clear advantage compared to other competitors.

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