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First-Time Hunting? Gear Up For Success!




Hunters all over the world can attest that having the right clothing can make or break a trip. Not only must hunters be prepared for any type of weather, they must also be comfortable and blend in with the terrain. According to Walls Outdoor Goods, here are some hunting gear necessities when dressing for hunting success.

The first line of defense against the elements, outerwear is one of the most important aspects of outdoor hunting gear. Here are the major pieces.

  • Pants: Regardless whether these are pants or bibs, they should be properly insulated depending where the hunt is happening. Pants should be constructed from a quiet material and have zippered bottoms for easy donning of boots.
  • Vest: The essential carry-all, hunting vests should be lightweight and have pockets for all manner of ammo and gear.
  • Jacket: Again, appropriate insulation and weatherproofing is key when choosing the right hunting jacket. There also are versions with reinforced shooting patches.

What hunters wear under their waterproof outwear is less important from a visual standpoint but more vital comfort-wise. These are the factors to consider.

  • Layering: Hunters generally go out in the cold early morning and stay out even when the heat of the day picks up. There likely will be need to shed some layers as the day progresses.
  • Wicking: Bodies sweat in both warm and cool temperatures, so moisture-wicking fabrics are key to keeping hunters comfortable.
  • Compression: For long walking trips or extended periods of time in a frozen position, joints and muscles can use extra support. Compression garments work well in this application.

The proper boots are important for any hunting excursion. Here are the main considerations.

  • All-terrain: Hunters must be prepared to hike in all kinds of terrain.
  • Comfort: Walking long distances can be pain free when hunters choose comfortable boots that are not too heavy.
  • Weatherproof: Hunters may need to walk in snow, mud, or rain, so waterproof and insulated boots are vital.

Regardless which item of clothing is under discussion, there are a few qualities that are universal for all hunting gear.

  • Scent blocking: Fabrics must block the hunters’ scent from reaching the prey, lest the hunters’ presence be revealed.
  • Camouflage: The pattern will depend on where the hunt is happening, but it’s key to concealment.
  • Blaze Orange: Hunting regulations vary on how much safety orange hunters must wear, but they all need it in some form.

A hunting trip’s outcome and enjoyment can depend on choosing the right outdoor hunting clothing. This basic guide is a good place to start the process.

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