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Great Bikes for Beginning Motorcyclists



Honda CBR250R

All too often, beginner motorcyclists choose bikes that are too powerful and cumbersome for their experience level. Instead of choosing a pavement shredding 600cc or larger class motorcycle, all beginner motorcyclists should opt for smaller and lightweight motorcycles with less powerful motors. There’s plenty of time to move up in class as their skills progress. Generally, the perfect motorcycle for a beginner is a 250cc machine.

When shopping for a motorcycle, the most important factor to consider is what type of motorcycle the beginner rider would like to ride. Though larger motorcycles are far more popular amongst the majority of motorcyclists, there’s a wide array of 250cc motorcycles on the market to choose from.

The following beginner motorcycles cover a wide-range of motorcycle styles for nearly every rider:

2012 Honda Rebel

A benefit of smaller motorcycles is the low price tags. At $4190, the Honda Rebel is one of the most budget-friendly motorcycles on the market. It’s also an extremely safe motorcycle, being used in Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses everywhere. The low seat height and smooth 243cc engine make the Rebel a perfect cruiser motorcycle for beginners.

Honda CBR250R

The Honda CBR 250R is a small, yet responsive sport bike modeled after the brand’s larger bikes. With a $4000 price tag, the CBR250R is an extremely affordable sport bike for beginners. However, for slightly more, riders have the option of ABS brakes that increase the motorcycle’s safety performance.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

The high-performance capabilities of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 make it the fastest small displacement beginner motorcycle on the market. However, speed is not necessarily a good thing for beginners. Luckily, the stiff chassis and ABS brakes make it an easy to handle motorcycle.

Suzuki TU250X

At under $4000, the Suzuki TU 250X is the most affordable beginner motorcycle on the list. The combination of traditional styling and modern fuel injection make the TU250X an extremely pleasant motorcycle for beginners to learn to ride on.

Yamaha V-Star 250

The flagship product of the Yamaha brand of motorcycles may be the powerful V-Max, but the V-Star 250 is a terrific cruiser that suits any beginner. The air-cooled 249cc V-twin engine provides an easy to manage bike with a menacing look. The low 27-inch seat height also makes handling the V-Star 250 a breeze.

Yamaha XT250

Endurance motorcycles are perfect for beginners. The considerable travel of the XT250 makes it just as perfect for hitting the trails as it is comfortable on the road. The versatility of the XT250 is the perfect beginner motorcycle for anyone who wants flexibility in their machines.

Yamaha TW200

The Yamaha TW200 is a unique motorcycle to say the least. The extra fat tires utilized on the motorcycle definitely make it stand out in a crowd. However, they also make the bike very stable. Additionally, the automatic cam chain tensioner makes the unique bike very easy to maintain, which is perfect for beginners.

Suzuki Boulevard S40

An offshoot of Suzuki’s popular beefy cruisers, the Boulevard S40 is an entry-level motorcycle with the same sleek styling of the larger models. The 381 lb. curb weight also makes the S40 very light and easy to handle.

The worst thing beginner motorcyclists can do is buying too big of a bike for their skill level. Unfortunately, this happens all too often, leading to accidents that could have been avoided with smaller machines. These 250cc motorcycles are the perfect bikes for beginner motorcyclists to hone their skills on while enjoying the open road.

Samuel Finch is a freelance writer based in the city of Cleveland who focuses primarily on automobiles, motorcycling, auto repair and upkeep, car insurance rates, and other important topics. If you’re looking for a new vehicle consider the official ATV & UTV of the Texas Rangers.

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