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Guy University: 5 Ways To Man Out



Sometimes guys just need “man time.” Spouses, kids, work, bills and other responsibilities take up every day and there is no time to let loose and just do man things. Take some time every week or every other week to book some time with your buddies (or alone if you prefer) for some male bonding and get in touch with your macho side.

Head to the biggest, best sports bar you can find in your area with a bunch of buddies on a day when watching sports is the only activity you need. These days include NFL Football Playoffs, NCAA tournament early rounds and NBA games, some days when multiple games are being played in a row. Get there early, lock down a prime table in front of multiple TVs and plan your attack. You’ll be eating two meals there and drinking in between and following all the different game storylines and possibilities. Throw down a few friendly bets to make it even more entertaining.

Building things from scratch are about as masculine as it can get, so pick something that you know you can build and construct it. What this is, exactly, will vary on your ability to actually construct something from scratch, the tools at your disposal and your actual passion for seeing this item constructed. However, when it is done you’ll feel much better about yourself and your manliness. An added bonus: this is very attractive to your lady.

A trip to Vegas can be great for some male bonding, though it really depends on the activities you choose to do with your friends. Heading to a Celine Dion concert or a crowded club that costs you 40 bucks to get into is not very manly—but renting off-roaders with heavy duty ATV tires in the desert, eating at a top notch steakhouse and then hitting the poker tables or a strip club are all guy-time activities.

Beer has always been a man’s drink, but it is much more satisfying when you brew your own. Over the past decade there has been a craft beer explosion, with tons of options out there for men to sample as many beers, expand their beer tastes and get a little buzz while also feeling relatively cultured. Now the trend has expanded further, to men actually brewing beer themselves and sharing it with their friends, tasting and comparing their own special home brews. The first batch will probably not turn out so good, but if you love beer and the manliness that comes with it, keep trying—you will get better and maybe even create your own recipe.

Buy a brand new, heavy duty, beast of a grill, some excellent meat and throw a barbecue for your family and friends. You man the grill and marinate the meat and fuel the party with your grilling skills and goodness. Once the BBQ is in full swing and everyone is eating and really enjoying themselves, you’ll really feel pride in your masculinity.

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