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Male Sex Toys: A Brief Guide Into The World Of Modern Self-Pleasure For Men



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Dudes, I get it: it’s hard to pick a sex toy if you’re a man who’s never tried one before. After all, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding men who use sex toys, even in the 2020s. Luckily, lots of men are trying to fight that, and as a result, the pleasure device market has been booming across the board.

Of course, any potential user who wants to ride the new wave of masturbatory freedom will feel slightly intimidated. And not by the above-mentioned stigma, mind you. Rather, they will see the sheer number of choices out there and give up. After all, I have no idea where to begin! I hear them wail. 

Now, my bread and butter are helping dudes figure out what device works for them the best. So, in order to reach that goal, I’ve decided to list the most popular types of male sex toys on the market today. So, let’s not dawdle — it’s stroke accessory time!

Masturbation Sleeves

We’ll kick things off with some of the basics. A masturbation sleeve, also known as a pocket pussy, is a handheld tool that a man can slip over his member. More often than not, it’s made out of soft, skin-like material like silicone, rubber, or a particular type of plastic. 

Modern sleeves can have different shapes and come in various sizes. What helps them get us off is the ridges and bumps on the inside of the sleeve. By carefully placing them, manufacturers can emulate a real human orifice, thus giving us almost lifelike pleasure.

Male Masturbator Devices

Of course, a pocket pussy has that one flaw, i.e., we have to physically stroke ourselves with it, similarly to regular masturbation. Luckily, there are certain types of sleeves out there that come with a useful device attached. We call these devices male masturbators. 

On average, a masturbator contains a sleeve housed in a plastic case. In this case, there are buttons and switches that help us change speeds, vibration intensities, and other features. In essence, a male masturbator is like a hands-free sleeve…almost. Some of them still require us to hold the body of the device, though it does the pulling and the tugging all on its own.

Blowjob Machines

A subsection of the male masturbator is the blowjob machine. It works roughly along the same principle as any masturbator but with a notable difference. Instead of simulating a vagina, they intend to give the user the sensation of having his member orally pleasured. Considering how popular oral sex is, among all kinds of users, it’s no surprise that blowjob machines have soared in popularity over the past few decades. 

Realistic Vaginas

Having a sleeve that replicates the feel of a vagina or anus, or even someone’s mouth, is a recipe for success among male adult toys. So how can we kick that up a notch? Well, make it as close to the real deal as possible. 

So, realistic vaginas. I often get asked, “Isn’t a sleeve a realistic vagina?” Well, yes and no. It’s realistic in the sense that it looks like a golden slit, but it’s not entirely up there. With a sleeve, we get — well, we get a sleeve. And though it can imitate any hole, it’s still an elongated tube for stroking that requires manual handling. 

On the other hand, a realistic vagina gives us the full package, in a sense. We get the whole cervix and hips, with both the vagina and the anus primed and puckered for penetration. It might take up more room than a Fleshlight or a sleeve, but it actually offers me one key detail that the previous devices don’t. Namely, we can actually simulate real intercourse, with thrusting and all, and do it all hands-free. Really, I think of it as the preparation phase for the real deal — and a bit of exercise, too.

We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock Rings

To some, pleasure comes in small doses. That’s what I think of when I hear about cock rings. Sure, they look like the simplest toy out there, but they actually have a lot to offer to any man in heat. 

As its name suggests, a cock ring is a device that looks like a circle made out of strong material. The man places this device around his penis to restrict blood flow, making the penis both harder and bigger than normal, as well as more sensitive. It’s such a simple system, yet we can get so much out of it. And not only is it a great way to pleasure ourselves, but we can use it whenever we’re having some partner fun too. All for a price that can sometimes be as low as a few dollary-doos. 

Anal Toys

Now, I know that some of my male readers are either homosexual, bisexual, or just exploring their options. I suspect some of my straight readers might enjoy this section as well. After all, a huge part of many men’s sexual activity involves some kind of anal play. Luckily, the market has plenty of toys to offer, so let’s go over the major ones. 

Butt Plugs

A typical butt plug is a simple tool, starting with a tapered end, widening near the bottom, then ending with a slender neck and a wide, flat base. The main body is there to enter the anus easily, while the base prevents the toy from being stuck up there. In other words, it’s an excellent beginner’s toy for anal play, considering how easy it is to master. 

Anal Beads

While I have nothing against butt plugs, I think anal beads are just more fun. Imagine pleasuring your rear entrance with a string of hard, firm balls and they feel good both on their way in and on their way out. That’s the whole appeal of the beads. 

Depending on what kind of beads we buy, they can give us smooth, enjoyable sessions or rough, intense fun times. It’s even better if they’re made out of a sturdy material that we can either heat up or freeze — that’s a whole new game right there!

Prostate Massagers

Unlike a plug, a prostate massager enters the anus for one simple task: to reach the prostate and tease it directly. As men, we have few organs in our body that are as sensitive as the prostate. As such, reaching it with a sex toy and fiddling with it until we explode is utter bliss. In that regard, the prostate massager may well be the best male sex toy for some. 

Woman holding two dildos


Regular dildos, no matter their shape, can work for men just as much as they can for women. The key is penetration, and if a guy loves to have his backside stimulated, then a long, firm pole might just do the trick. Nowadays, dildos come in many shapes and sizes, and even colors. Granted, as a toy, it’s a little low-end, but when it counts, the dildo does its job.

Penis Pumps

How is a penis pump a sex toy, I hear you asking. And I get the confusion many may have when they see a pump for the first time. They assume that this device is meant to be an enhancer, or even a medical tool to help with erection issues. And granted, to some degree, they would be right. But make no mistake, a penis pump is indeed a sex toy.

Similar to a cock ring, a pump directly affects the blood flow of the penis, but in a different way. Namely, by creating a vacuum seal around the shaft, the device promotes the flow, resulting in an erection that would make any lady proud. And again, the more tense and blood-fueled the penis is, the more sensitive it will be — perfect for a masturbation session. 

Interestingly enough, the penis pump is not only a sex toy, but it’s also a device that’s almost tailor-made for couples. I’ve had session after session with my partner using a single pump. It’s incredibly exciting to have one individual take full control of the pump and make the other partner harder and more sensitive. I compare it to using nipple suckers, but on a slightly bigger scale. 

Sex Dolls

Finally, we have reached the apex of sex toys in the modern world. Back in the day, when someone mentioned the sex doll, people would think of those blow-up nylon monstrosities that did more to traumatize a man than to turn him on. In the 21st century, however, technology has advanced so much that we can buy ourselves a full-bodied sex doll, and it can be as realistic — or even unrealistic — as we want her to be.

Granted, the biggest drawback with a fully reactive sex robot is the massive price. After all, an artificial lady with a realistic body and full responsiveness costs, at the very least, over $6,000. But a lot of men claim it’s worth every penny. Some modern models of sex robots react to the man’s actions, have hyper-realistic skin, and can pull off positions lots of people today only dream of. In short, modern sex dolls have advanced, and they aren’t going away any time soon. 

Male Sex Toys In a Nutshell

That was a minor sampling of what male sex toys are and what they can be capable of. Now, I didn’t personally try all of these, mostly due to preference and price, but I highly encourage all of my readers to check some of these options out. After all, the right kind of sex toy can boost a man’s confidence and provide hours, even weeks, of pleasure.

Trent Carter is looking to keep the tradition of T&A alive and well in today's politically correct world with his popular Thong Battle features, among other things. He also covers even racier topics on our sister site, which is definitely not safe for work!

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