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Pwnage StormBreaker Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse Raises The Bar



Pwnage StormBreaker Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Feast your eyes on the Pwnage StormBreaker, an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse built with Magnesium alloy and expertly engineered for maximum gaming performance.

StormBreaker is designed, engineered, and created by gaming experts to provide players with the ultimate in performance, as every single feature built into the mouse is optimized for gaming. Its unique style and appearance is crafted with a high-grade magnesium alloy exoskeleton in an intricate yet ultra-durable ergonomic shape design. Weighing a mere 51g with the lowest density and optimized strength to weight ratio, StormBreaker is a true ultra-lightweight, with no compromising on size, shape, balance nor functions of the mouse.

This cutting-edge mouse is built with Pwnage’s patented adjustable sensor technology that offers proven increased accuracy, aim control, and performance in games requiring fast, precise mouse movements. Personalized optimal sensor position offer the lowest margin of tracking error, giving up to 14% increase of speed & accuracy, and reduces path deviation while aiming up to 23%. StormBreaker is packed with crucial elements for any gamer seeking an advantage on their competition.

“There is no other gaming mouse on the market that can match StormBreaker’s personalized responsiveness, control, accuracy and speed for competitive games,” said Henry Lai, CEO, Pwnage. “StormBreaker is a magnesium alloy gaming masterpiece; raising the bar for what is possible in a gaming mouse and is poised to be the mouse of choice for gamers of all skill levels – from beginner to professional.”

Pwnage StormBreaker Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse

StormBreaker is armed with the latest innovations in performance-gaming technology to provide gamers with a new standard of gaming responsiveness. Proven 0.6ms average click latency with wireless 2000Hz via LDAT testing, the StormBreaker is one of the very few lowest in the world. Architected with the most advanced MCU, sensor, and High Speed Polling Rate Receiver Pyramid, StormBreaker offers zero lag wireless, and true 2000Hz polling rate; double the standard 1000Hz, allowing gamers ultimate response time and tracking, vital elements in any gaming competition or challenge.

With a battery life of up to 120 hours, it quickly charges in just 60-90 minutes. Gamers can be confident that this exotic mouse will deliver from the beginning of the game until the very end. StormBreaker is engineered with carefully selected materials and industry-leading weight optimizations to provide gamers with super high performance. With a premium look and feel, comfortable ergonomic shape, high-strength/high-durability design, super low latency clicks, zero lag wireless tech, lightweight form factor and patented sensor customization features, the quest for the ultimate gaming mouse is over.

Gamers can customize the look of StormBreaker by selecting among its available colors of black, white, red, olive, mint, blue and gray, and also choose among various grip colors and “feet” on the bottom of the mouse. The mouse comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Pwnage StormBreaker Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Pwnage really knocked it out of the park with the StormBreaker. It’s packed with the latest and most innovative gaming technologies, it’s incredibly light, and it looks amazing in the limited-edition colorways. With a price tag of $169, it’s not exactly cheap, but after spending a week with it, I can definitely say that it’s money well spent if you’re serious about gaming.

The Pwnage StormBreaker ultra-lightweight gaming mouse is available for purchase now!

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