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The Essentials You Need For The Perfect Guys Weekend



Camping with friends

One of the best weekends you can have with the boys is going camping. It’s a guys weekend – mountain men in the forest and all of that – and you can load up the car, get your friends in the back and your music on the radio and go. There’s nothing quite like the freedom you get when going on a weekend road trip.

After all, it’s not just getting to point A from point B, it’s about seeing gems along the way and building experiences with the friends that you love the most. Road trips and camping aren’t without their challenges, but it’s one of the best things that you’ll ever do. Guy bonding time is never better than when you’re out in the world and roughing it a little!

The one thing that you need though, is a list. A list of essentials that ensures that you are well-prepared is a must! It’s always worth creating your own checklist of things not to miss before you travel, as it’s a good way to ensure no one forgets to bring anything. Preparation is the key for a perfect road trip, so let’s take a look at some of the essentials you need for your camping weekend away.

  1. Camping Gear. Most people on a road trip need camping gear, and so do you! You can bring the standard tents, sleeping bags, but why not try a Roofnest roof top tent? They sit on top of the roof of the car and when you’re ready, you can pop it up in no time at all and sleep somewhere clean, dry and cozy! If there are more of you and you have two cars, simply bring two!
  2. Cooking Equipment. You’ll still need to have sleeping bags and cooking equipment, too, when you’re on the road, and bring a bag of non-perishable tins of food and bags of chips. And beer! Camping is far more fun if you cook around a campfire. For your first night in the woods, why not bring a bag of meat and construct your own barbecue so you can grill some steaks! Consider the size of the group before you get going, and bring enough bottled water that you don’t have to worry about it when you’re out there. Your campsite may be far away from amenities, so be prepared!
  3. Emergency Bags. Mountain men in the wild still get sick or injured, so you need to be prepared. Every guys trip has that one person who goes too far and cuts themselves somehow. Bring things for cuts and abrasions, and bring aspirin, laxatives, bug repellents and rubbing alcohol, too. Always be prepared with extra batteries and water, too.
  4. Personal Things. Clothes, books, toiletries, extra socks and layers – you should consider dressing for the season but bring extra warm hoodies, too – even in summer! Always bring towels and blankets, and if you need them, blankets. Lastly, don’t forget the toilet paper and shovel for, well, you know!


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