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Many Luxury Hotels In Amsterdam Offering Complementary Condoms and Viagra



Many people love to travel for fun, for solace, or for a new experience. Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, especially for those who are searching for some naughty fun in the Red Light District. As such, most hotels in Amsterdam offer complimentary sex packets with condoms and those magic blue pills, should you need them.

Everybody has been used to the idea of having complimentary toiletries from hotels with bath soaps, shampoos, lotion, and mouthwash, to name a few. But complimentary sex kits are now becoming a trend in hotels, typically because it saves a lot of guests from having to go out and run to a convenience store in the middle of the night. Guests don’t need to request these kits, because these are already available in most rooms. Of course, guests can request not to have these kits in their room when making a reservation, like when they are travelling with kids. Some of the most common items in the complimentary sex packets are:


There’s no better way to practice safe sex than by using a condom. Apart from minimizing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, condoms also ensure that unplanned pregnancies are prevented. Because of its accessibility, men and women used to casual sex typically store these in their wallets. Depending on the country or state, hotels may be required by law to offer condoms to their hotel guests, either as complementary kits, or goods for purchase. Although that’s not the case in Amsterdam, it’s quite a popular trend nowadays that hotels include condoms as part of the hotel room mini bar.

ED Pills

Erectile dysfunction (ED) pills improve the blood supply to your male organ, enhancing your erection. But even with proper usage, some people still experience side effects ranging from an upset stomach to urinary tract infections. There are even several herbal alternatives to these ED pills, but it should be noted though that any ED pill is not safe to be taken with any type of cardiac medication. Now, since Pfizer’s patent on “the little blue pill” has long since expired, several other pills are slowly gaining popularity. On pleasure-seeker they experimented with the trial of BlueChew, which received a relatively good feedback because of its quick onset, starting to work in just 15 minutes. Usually, ED pills have an onset of 30 minutes to an hour before its effect can be felt, but the effects usually last anywhere from four hours to 36 hours, depending on the medication. While the prices of these pills vary, ED pills are now becoming part of the complimentary sex kits offered by certain hotels, particularly in Amsterdam.


Lube is also usually part of the complimentary sex packets that some hotels offer, helping to reduce the friction between the sex organs during intercourse, and it can be used even before sex. In some instances, lube can be used for a warming and sexy massage, while in others, it is used to pump up orgasm. Nonetheless, lubes are also made available in the sex kits, although some hotels in Amsterdam only provide it upon request.

Pleasure Devices

Although not entirely common, certain hotels in Amsterdam offer vibrators as complimentary items. Particularly in a new luxury hotel in the country, guests can request for sex toys for free. However, in most hotels, these pleasure devices come with a certain fee. Some of the most common adult toys that are available in the hotels upon request are vibrators and cock rings, all to enhance sexual pleasure. There are several stores in Amsterdam, which are usually near the hotels that offer these items for sale.

In conclusion, different hotels now offer various complimentary amenities, ranging from the basic bath soap and shower caps, to sex packets and kits. Apart from ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable stay, this is an effective marketing strategy for most hotels, especially those in Amsterdam where casual hookups are very popular. It may gain a couple of negative feedback for some, but it continues to be a trend that does not seem to see an end anytime soon.


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