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The Perfect Cocktail For Your Super Bowl Party



You can probably name the most popular BIG GAME day favorites with no problem at all. It’s a no brainer, right?

  • More than 88,000 bottles, cans and kegs of beer are consumed
  • More than 71 million pounds of avocados are used to make guacamole
  • More than 1.25 billion chicken wings will be consumed – Enough for every man, woman and child to have at least four wings!

So, what kind of liquid libation should the perfect host serve? How about one that combines beer and tequila!

Consider serving the Noble Beer Margarita. Great tasting (we made a few the other night), crowd pleasing, and sure to score points with your guests. And it’s super easy to make!

The Noble Beer Margarita

Place ice in glass. Add in tequila and fill with lemonade. Tip beer bottle inside the glass.