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These Gadget Cams Will Make You Feel Like James Bond



James Bond - Daniel Craig

You try meeting KGB operatives on park benches but only get bemused looks when you say, “The swan flies over Krakow tonight” to strangers. You tried referring to your girlfriend as M until she threatened to move out. You tried infiltrating a volcanic lair on a mysterious island until you were politely asked to leave by their tour guides. Yet still, you need something to scratch your Bond-based itch.

Perhaps a series of camera gadgets can sate your thirst. There’s a world of different hidden cameras out there, and they’re all available online at the click of a button.

So what are some of your best bets?

Hidden in unlikely places

Where would you hide a camera if you were a secret agent? In a Blu-ray player? How about a lighter or a pen? Maybe even in a digital radio? Well, for a few hundred dollars each, you could have fully functional cameras in any of these items.

With sites like Spycatcher, cameras with Bluetooth capabilities can help you keep an eye on elderly relatives, unruly kids or even just make sure the babysitter isn’t drinking your booze while you’re out.

Get glassed

The tech that’s been making waves in the press for over a year, the Google Glass is a spectacular pair of spectacles that can record your every move. Without interrupting anyone’s train of thought, you could record important conversations, extreme sports journeys, or routes you’ve taken while hillwalking.

Q must be kicking himself for not coming up with this one. More than a recording device, it’ll allow you to use Google, surf the net, keep track of your day and much more.

It’s a device that has, however, attracted some criticisms over privacy and its effects on our ever-dwindling attention spans. But there’s no denying that this is a must-have piece of kit.

In the dead of night

Do you ever look into the inky darkness of night and wonder what mysterious creatures might be prowling? What strange goings on are happening just out of sight?

We all have, which is why night vision goggles with secret recording facilities are so useful. The best of these can set you back over a grand. But even a reasonably priced pair of night vision goggles has all the features you need for effective sight and recording facilities.

The humble webcam

All the cash in the world can’t beat a good bit of DIY to create a hidden camera. Simply take a basic webcam, encase it in something discreet and place it in your desired location. Voila, you’ve got a fully functional hidden camera to keep an eye on who you wish. Just make sure not to use your new sight for dodgy ends…

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