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Three Reasons To Choose A Glock For Your First Handgun



The first time you go shopping for a handgun, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of models, styles, capabilities and other attributes of a gun. There are, however, certain guns that have a good reputation that has lasted for decades, and it is a good idea to begin your search for your first handgun with those brands. One example is the Glock. There are several reasons that this pistol is a good choice for your first handgun. The following are three reasons for this.

They fit the hand nicely
Many of the revolvers on the market do not feel natural when holding them. Some of this has to do with the difference between the cylinders and bullets being in front of your hand when pointing the gun. A Glock is designed for the ammunition to be contained in a magazine that slips into the handle. The result is a design that allows the shooter to grip a handle that fits the hand better, and it also achieves a better balance when holding the gun.

They are durable
Most people don’t have a gun that sits around in a locked compartment. It’s important to learn to use the gun, and take it to a shooting range from time to time. Unfortunately, a handgun can fall and hit a hard surface. Accidents will happen, but the Glock has proven to be a rugged handgun that can take a lot of physical abuse and still fire properly.

They hold their value
When kept in good condition, the price of a used Glock will usually not depreciate greatly over time. Naturally, new models will fetch the best prices, but Glock pistols are in demand and their prices hold up well. It is also easier to sell a Glock than many other handguns, so when the time comes that you want to buy a newer model, it will be easy to sell your older pistol.

Before you make a decision about buying your first handgun, make sure you know how and where you can get proper instruction in its use. This includes the proper way to clean and maintain your weapon as well as its proper storage. You should also locate a shooting range where you can practice using it. There are many websites that can give you more information about a Glock. Grabagun at is one example.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Aaron

    August 26, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Revolvers also hold their value, cost a lot less, and are safer to use until you become familiar with firearms. Just sayin..

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