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TWR Supercat Is A Jaguar XJS Restomod With A Supercharged V-12 Engine



TWR Supercat

Feast your eyes on the TWR Supercat, a supercharged V12 powered Super-GT boasting more than 600HP, rear-wheel drive, and a manual transmission, built from the legendary Jaguar XJS platform. It’s the first of a new generation of cars from one of the most storied and celebrated names in motorsport and performance cars.

Now it’s actually fitting that TWR has chosen a Jaguar as the first chapter in its contemporary history, as the British performance marquee has a long winning association with Jaguar and the XJS through victories in the most demanding motorsports environments in the world including Spa and Bathurst.

Visually, the TWR Supercat retains the unmistakable stance and silhouette of the Jaguar XJS. But every exterior panel has been re-sculpted in carbon fiber, with a wide-body design. This material selection reflects the utilization of motorsport engineering principles that will characterize this and all future TWR products. The development of the body alone took tens of thousands of hours.

TWR Supercat

The extensive use of carbon fiber has delivered a significant weight saving, drag improvements and significant rigidity benefits over traditional panel materials. Delivering the mechanical dynamic advantage is fundamental to TWR’s promise to deliver a truly involving and analogue Super-GT experience for both road and track.

While they didn’t provide any interior pictures, but it will be fully reworked as well, with plans to show off the car in its entirety at a number of high-profile events later this summer.

The new TWR, founded by Fergus Walkinshaw, son of businessman/motorsports personality Tom Walkinshaw, includes engineers from some of the most celebrated names in motorsport and performance car development, including McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Williams, Mercedes F1 and Renault F1. Needless to say, they know their stuff!

TWR Supercat

Naturally, this type of bespoke vehicle doesn’t come cheap. Pricing starts at roughly $282,000, and TWR will offer a wide degree of personalization that will drive the price even higher. The Supercat will be offered in major international markets, including the United States, and the first units should be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

Just 88 TWR Supercats will be built, a number chosen to celebrate the 1988 Le Mans win in the TWR Jaguar XJR-9. The order books are open now, so if you’re looking for a British restomod like no other, then lock in a car before it’s too late.

The Supercat is the first TWR product for the 21st century, and as such is a rolling showcase for what the company can do, fusing modern engineering and production techniques with a classic base to create something truly unique, truly sporting, and truly TWR. We’re curious to see what else these mad lads have coming down the pike.

TWR Supercat

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