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5 Collectibles Almost Guaranteed To Appreciate In Value



Not all things depreciate in value once they get older and dustier. If you need proof, tune into an episode of American Pickers, and you can see firsthand at how much these guys pay for old stuff. If you’re rummaging through your junk trying to find items that might be worth something, make sure you don’t throw these five things away. Chances are, if you take them to an appraiser, they’ll be worth more than what you expected. And if you’re a true collector, you can be guaranteed these are worth your time to collect.

Pedal Cars

Pedal Cars
Image via Flickr by Chadsci

Pedal cars made for kids first appeared in the late 1880s, when Karl Benz released his three-wheel Patent Motorwagon for adults. By the time the 1900s rolled around, pedal cars were prevalent, especially in the U.S., France, England, and Australia.

One of the first companies to introduce three-wheel velocipedes to kids was Whitney Reed. Because automobiles are the primary kind of pedal toy sought by collectors, pedal toys like the early Whitney Reeds are relatively easy to acquire if you look hard enough.

Vintage Radios

The “Golden Age of Radio” may seem like ages ago, but vintage radios are still popular among collectors. Whether you’re interested in a certain manufacturer (RCA, Zenith, Crosley, Philco, Emerson) or a specific style (catalin, console, cathedral, transistor), chances are you can still find the radio out there for you.

The earliest radios were usually bare components – glass tubes – mounted on a board. Then came plain metal or wooden boxes. By the late 1920s, though, the simple boxes became elaborate cabinets designed to look like furniture. If you want to identify a vintage radio and look up any information about it, simply look for a model number stamped anywhere on the box.


Image via Flickr by Marcin Wichary

These are antiques related to gas stations and oil businesses, focusing on advertisements with subcategories like gas pumps, oil cans, road maps, signs, gas pump globes, and major names like Texaco, Mobil, Phillips 66, Mobil, Standard Oil, Sinclair, Esso, and Shell.

In the earlier days of automobile travel, gas stations were often unfamiliar and poorly lit at night. In order to reassure and attract motorists, lighted gas pump globes and other signage were used. Collectors have since hunted for these items and sold them for at auctions for a hefty price tag.

Rare and Out-of-Circulation Coinage

Coins have always had a special place in the hearts and minds of Americans. Thomas Jefferson suggested that people could do without paper money, relying on coins instead. Although cooler heads prevailed, Congress established the Coinage Act in 1972 that created the U.S. Mint and standardized coin denominations ranging from half-cent copper pieces to $10 Eagles made of gold.

U.S. gold coins aren’t only symbolic of its history, but they’ve become collectibles that are cherished by many, embodying the growth of the nation’s economic influence and power in the 19th and 20th centuries. Because they’re made of precious metal, even the coins with small numismatic value are treated as investments.

Electric Train Sets

The value of train sets depends on how old they are, the specific models, and who manufactured them. If you have an old Lionel train set lying around, chances are it’s probably worth some money. What makes electric train sets so valuable isn’t just the design of the train itself, but the electric components that come with it like the train’s engine. If you want to find out your train set’s value, take a look at the Greenberg Pocket Price Guide that detailed information.

You’d be surprised how much some of the stuff you consider junk is actually worth if you took it to the right person. While a lot of old items are ready for the trash, some can make you a lot of money.

What other old items have you sold for a lot of money? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Zander Chance is a technology nut who is always first in line to try out the latest tech gadgets. He also has been an active affiliate marketer for the past 15 years, and he writes about his adventures in that on his blog.

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